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Merchant Association of Rahdan

An ancient tribe of merchants known as the Rhadanites were some of the first inhabitants of the Nishanoya. They quickly acclimated themselves and adapted to the aftermath of the interstellar explosion that caused the "Void". Due to their expertise in their past lives, they immediately ventured out and learned the lay of the land in order to not fall behind and suffer extinction. They gathered many wares, magical items, various weapons, mysterious artifacts, geographical knowledge, displaced and unknown materials, etc. Due to their unique cultivation and study of "The Path", they are certainly more capable and skilled than any other merchants and are on par physically with the strongest warriors. It is said that these families of Rhadan are descendants of royals or a holy lineage who were specially tasked to travel the earth to gather all manners of knowledge and wisdom from the surrounding nations in hopes of having the upper hand in intelligence to aid the rulership of the current monarch.
Financial, Merchant League
Family Leader
Parent Organization

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