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The Great Flood

The Great Storm was a massive flood and thunderstorm which fell onto the whole continent at the very end of the second era. It has a different name for each region: cha ouch (great storm) in Doujate, uvu gažjo (lethal flood) in the Empire, meta hal (sky wrath), for instance.


There are many different records written in distant regions with many different details, but also evident similarities. The elves still sing in their forests songs about the storm, constantly changing with each performance. It is difficult to exactly reconstruct the events, especially considering they happened in the dark second era, though at the end.   Every record describes a six-months long flood with intense thunderstorms and so much water to fill an empty lake twice. This detail of the lake can seem an exaggeration but is present in many versions. Some scholars argue there is somewhere an actual crater that was filled twice during the flood and found a possible candidate in Doujate. From there this detail would travel the whole continent, reaching, in particular, the lands that now constitute the Empire and the Dark North. Others point out that there is plenty of craters to be filled and that it is not necessary to think of a complex story to explain this detail.   The flood caused other natural disasters, especially mudslides and river floodings: essentially there was water everywhere, both falling from the sky and rising from the land.   Legends say that this event generated the sirens, the only known humanoid civilised species living in the sea as fishes. Scholars say a complex species can't originate in so short time. They propose instead that the flood rose the sea level, allowing sirens to come close enough to the land inhabitants to be sighted.   As for the causes, they are unclear. Some suggest it must have something to do with the end of the era event, the killing of the First of the Demon, Etrem, by the hand of the Champion of the Moon, Damparo. The second era was a long period (several thousands of years at least), in which the land was covered by a dark magical mist (exactly as now are the Four Lands). If scholar reconstructions are to be trusted, the flood began when Damparo was about to battle the demon king and ended almost immediately after its death. The high quantity of magic the demon collected before the battle and used during that time would have destabilised the natural balance, leading to the flood.   Someone argues that the battle could not possibly last so long and either assert this is just wrong or propose that the flood went on until the balance was restored by the Moon Goddess, who rose to power after the demon.

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