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Tekroczjek (tɛkrɔtʂjɛk)

The Tekroczjek are a folk inhabiting in the eastern regions of the inhospitable Rojgrasz. They are Dryng, a species of intelligent owls.  


Major language groups and dialects

They speak a dialect derived from the Old Nojgraszian. The most noticeable difference from the other dialects in the same area is that Tekroczjek are missing the labial phonemes "p", "b", "f", "v" and "m". Tekroczjek are Dryng, birds, so they have beaks, not mouths. Lacking lips, their labials sound very similar to the corresponding dentals "t", "d", "th" and "dh", while "m" is merged with "n".

Culture and cultural heritage

The Tekroczjek live in villages inside the eastern woods. Here the trees are larger and more robust than in the rest of the Dark Lands, and Tekroczjek learnt how to build solid, wooden houses hidden among the foliage, called edrjonneng, "great wooden houses". Each structure is usually large enough to accomodate one or two families, for a total of around a dozen people.   The typical village consists in at least a dozen edrjonneng located on neighbouring trees, usually close to a pond or another source of water. The largest communities contain about thirty houses nowadays.

Common Dress code

The Tekroczjek are used not to dress. Their plumage is usually enough to keep them warm, and they do not consider nudity a thing, to the point they do not even have a word for it. Clothes are even a detriment for hunters since it represents an additional weight for their wings and partially nullifies their natural camouflage.   Having no clothes makes them more vulnerable in battle. Whilst it is a significant disadvantage, their preferred tactics require stealth and rapidity, both when hunting and fighting enemies in their woods. For those choosing a life of adventures outside the woods, light customised leather armours are often a good compromise between protection and agility.
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