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Nojgraszian Law Enforcers

In Nojgrasz, which is considered the most uncivilised region on Nys, currently lacks law enforcers: this profession was once present in the cities before the Dark Swan curse befell upon the lands, but it has since first become useless, than completely disappeared.



Even in what is sometimes called the "civilised" Nojgrasz, that is the southern region, where cities like Remnava and Medźina can be found, justice is largely non-existent. Arguably, life in the villages of the other regions meets more dangers but also more justice. In any case, criminals are currently judged in the law-houses, a kind of twisted courthouse present in both major cities.   But who brings criminals to this places? Well, things get cloudy here: in Nojgrasz there are no public law enforcers. There are military guards, sure, but their work is to patrol the walls, not investigate crimes. In fact, there are no investigations: private wealthy citizens (usually members of the Salt Trading Company) pay private bounty hunters to bring people before the judge with any means necessary. Guilt is a matter of who gets dragged by who first into the lawhouse.   It hasn't always been like this, if one is to believe to the tales they tell about the ancient Dark Swan curse. Before that time, at the beginning of the third era, the lands were organized in kingdoms where justice and law were rightly enforced, like in modern actually civilised countries.   Whatever the case, what you, as an agent, need to know about this whole lack of public justice, is that, as long as you try to stay out of wealthy men businesses, you're going to be alright. If someone bothers you, for right or wrong, you can make your Shadow Court badge count, but avoid picking fights: you're in enemy territory.
— Nojgraszian Manual for Trainees

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