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There exist many magic systems, differing for slight details or fundamental properties, the most widespread being oscillation magic and magitechnologies. All of them exploit the magic field, an invisible veil covering reality, to create effects. Mages know, out of study or by natural inclination, how to use it to create magical effects, ranging from fire walls to illusions.   The Moon Church claims to be near to discover a new, field-independent type, but people think it is just a way to respond to the imperial Tikhuphri Project.  

Oscillation Magic

This kind of magic works thanks to oscillations in the field. Magical energies oscillate near enchanted objects or living beings: the more powerful the artefact or individual, the wider the waves are. A mage is a person able to feel them and take advantage of them. They modify the way the field oscillates using their own energy to create the desired magical effect in the field, which immediately transfers the spell to reality.   There exist variations on this method and different techniques, mostly regarding the exact way in which they modify the waves and the way used to collect the necessary energy.   This is the most versatile and powerful kind of magic but comes with a very high price. Working with oscillations, especially near energy of abyssal nature, corrupts the soul, making it more susceptible to dangerous conditions such as the demonic taint.   Though the Moon Church boasts to have been the first organization to use oscillation magic, claiming for it the name Moon magic, studies proved most magic users all over Nys approach magic with variations of this method. In particular, Cosmos Wayfarers, Dark Lands mages, undead mages and also demons use this type of magic.  


Very different from the previous one, this type of magic does not require oscillations, but sigils. A sigil is a magical enchantment designed to create a specific effect. It can be activated manually or automatically (using circuitation of energy). Once activated, it absorbs magical energy from a person or an object and creates the effect it was built for.   While this technique does not expose the user to oscillations, it is not as versatile as the previous one, in the sense that it is more difficult to create certain effects (if possible at all). Moreover, a mage must design a sigil for each spell they cast; this requires time and makes usage inconvenient in any fast-paced situation, like combat. The best way to use magitechnologies is to build automated systems, like golems.   Imperial mages are essentially the only ones able to design magitech sigils.
Metaphysical, Arcane


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