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Akor (akɔr)

Akor is a handsome man who lives in the Dźikan region in the Dark Lands. He is renowned for making money by seducing people. Whilst everyone thinks he prostitutes himself, the truth is he drugs or otherwise knocks out who goes with him and sells them as slaves to the Salt Trading Company.   He currently lives in Dźike, but he often travels to Remnava, where he owns a small house. The journey is short and relatively secure with a well-paid escort. This minor change allows him to lay low when he thinks someone might be interested in uncovering his traffics. It also opens a whole new city of possible preys.  

Wealth & Financial state

At first, Akor did not think about his beauty as a much relevant feature. What good could it do in the Dark Lands, where only power counted? People in the cities fantasied about having money to survive, a stable food source, not a beautiful husband. But growing up, he understood people still wanted to have sex, possibly with a handsome man. Something clicked in his mind, and he thought of putting his gift to good use for survival.   He did not think it would work as it did in the end. He decided to do some more traditional work continuing his father's leather workshop. But as soon as he joined the slave trading, he made enough money so quickly he hired a young couple to work in the shop.   He still owns his father's shop to ensure a secure source of money if something goes wrong and his trade is uncovered.   In time, he saved quite some money to ensure a disposable income for his later days, when his old age will limit his trade. In particular, he bought some shares of the Salt Trading Company. Not a lot, to avoid the power game of the richest merchants, just enough to ensure some future liquidity.  
Year of Birth
2058 TE 38 Years old
Current Residence
Traveling between Dźike and Remnava
Other Affiliations

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