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Grey Worg Tribe

From the orange Painted Plataeu, crossing the green lands of the Great Plains, and to the straw-colored Stronghold Lands of the southeast, all of these lands are the hunting grounds of the Grey Worg Tribe of the half-orcs.   Usually, when people in Nurna think about half-orcs, they think about the Grey Worgs. Of all the tribes, they are the most mobile, and the most numerous. And, of all the tribes, it is them who seek the most to recover the lost traditions of the orcs. For this people, orcs where the pure manifestation of the Great Worg, and the blood of this heroes of the nature and the storm runs though their veins. It is not the Dark One who corrupts them, but the human half of their half-orc bodies. Because of this, they reject their human heritage with vehemence, and behave like orcs. That made them savage, war-loving and cruel, since they worship their orc half, instead of the human one.


Common Customs, traditions and rituals

Tribal Tradition rules: none. Grey Worg characters keep their racial traits, and they shouldn't respect any other tradition.

Subracial traits:   Alignment: Grey Worgs cannot be Good. They worship their most wild part of their natures, so they cannot show things like mercy or compassion. For them, it is only the law of the nature who shall guide them.
Encompassed species

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