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The Dark One

The Great Selfish One, the Great Dark One, the Great Greedy One... there are many names for this "force" of nature that affects the lives of all Nurns. It can be understood as a god, but it would be easier to describe it as a part of the world, like the magic or the elements. Sometimes it seems a thinking entity, with personality, but others it is only an irrational force, without intelligence or thought, stupid but all-mighty.


Although violent, the Dark One corrupts life in Nurna slowly: wherever the law of the jungle prevails, wherever egoism and evilness concur, an attentive observer will notice that things have begun to disfigure. People, animals and even the vegetation or the land become monsters, altered by the tendrils of the fearsome Dark One. The vegetation becomes gloomy or withered, the animals become disturbing and sadistic, and people become devious and vicious. And then, misfortune happen. Destruction, death and madness spread and, finally, only the darkness and its deformed monsters remain.   Normally this is how the Dark One influences Nurna and, for its inhabitants, is just nightmarish. But, sometimes, the Dark One gather forces greater than normal, and great disasters are unleashed over the earth: the sky becomes yellowish, it snows in the middle of summer, horrific droughts tear apart some lands, while floods devastate crops somewhere, and the blizzards seem to have a degree of malice in their cold. These events usually occur every fifty or sixty years, and they spawn during a decade or so, periods of time which are known as Wild Times.   Wild Times pass leaving a trail of destruction, but they rarely end with civilizations or entire races. However, there are Wild Times so powerful, so strong, that whole continents and entire seas move, and cataclysms occur throughout Nurna. Once those conclude, life restarts almost right from the beginning. Those cataclysms are known as the Destructions. There have been up to Four Destructions in Nurna according to legends, and shamans and oracles fear that a Fifth one is approaching, which may be the most violent of all.

The Great Dark One as a god   The Great Dark One, the Great Selfish One... Many names, but everyone knows him. He is destruction, droughts, storms, madness and decay. He takes what he wants, and he throws away what he doesn't want. Everything swirls around him like inside a dark whirpool, the form under he is known by all those who worship him.   The people that follow the Great Dark One are those who listen to dark whispers without fear. For them the Dark One is hidden, like a secret, in the very nature of every living thing in the world, as well as inside the world itself. After all, the world was born thanks to the Great Dark One. His   Commandment:   THOU SHALT NEVER STOP THINE DESIRES, NO MATTER WHAT   Commandments were created by the People in order to avoid the Dark One. The fact that the followers of the Dark One have one commadment looks more like a cruel joke than a tennet of faith.   Commadment rules: characters who worship the Dark One will always try to achieve their objectives, no matter the price, and they will pass over anyone that shall interpose between them and their desires. However, they wouldn't risk become tainted if they don't follow this Commadment: after all, they are already tainted by worshipping the very Dark One himself!
Clasification as a god   Neutral Evil, God of the Darkness   Divine domains   Death Domain and Tempest Domain

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