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At the beginning there was only the Great Spirit, dreaming. He was everything, he was nothing.   The Great Spirit dreamed Generosity, but also Selfishness. Selfishness grew, and became the Great Selfish One, the Great Greedy One, the Great Dark One.   The Great Selfish One wanted some things, but not others. He desired some things, but not others.That is why the Great Selfish One broke the Great Spirit into pieces. This is how the world was born.   There were small pieces, those turned into animals. There were medium pieces, those became the people. And there were huge pieces, those became the earth, the sea, the sky and the stars. And there were even larger pieces, those became the gods.   Broken and shattered, each piece of the Great Spirit felt lost and alone, and each one was at the will of the Great Selfish One, who ate some of them and kept some others in its treasure.   But the Great Spirit was still in them, and they could still dream what the Great Spirit dreamed. Therefore, they heard the voices of the wisest, the voice of those who could still feel the Land of the Dream, where the Great Spirit was still pure and free from the Great Selfish One.   That's how magic was born.   Precolombine/Native American setting for Pathfinder that I created some years ago. I'm slowly translating it from Spanish to English, and from the Pathfinder set of rules to the D&D 5 set of rules, so be patient if you see "algo raro" in the text. Feel free to use it if you like it.

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