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Coatl Tribe

The Tula were one of the eight tribes that departed from Aztlan. When they settled in the Tableland, they lived happily for a long time, hidden between volcanic mountains, away from both friends and foes. But, as generations passed, other tribes started to make contact with them, and dissensions started to grow from within the Tula. One faction of the Tula wanted to remain isolated, while another faction preferred openness to their brothers of the Tableland. Dissension ended in civil war, and civil war ended with the defeat of the second faction.   That faction was cast into exile, to the Snake Rainforest. There, they expected to find an inhabitable home, but they found the ruins of the Quetzal instead. Those were the ruins of a lost tribe of civilized elves, disappeared long time ago. The exiles, who called themselves the Coatl, decided to learn from those ruins, from the glyphs and monoliths that covered that green land. They studied the magic contained in them, and the secrets of the Great Dream that were told in he images. Now, after generations of study and preservation of Quetzal ruins, the Coatl have become a culture halfway between the magic of the past times, and the civilization of the modern times, as wise as the Tula and as deep as the Quetzal elves.


Major language groups and dialects

All Coatl can speak both Aztlani and their Coatl dialect, both languages derived from their Tula ancestry. Using those languages, the Coatl write long books called "codex", that look like an accordion of paper when they are opened. Most magic grimoires are Coatli codices.   More information on languages can be found here

Shared customary codes and values

THOU SHALT HONOR ALL SHRINES   The Coatl of yesterday grew wiser thanks to the wisdom contained within sanctuaries of yore, thus the Coatl of today respect all sanctuaries, no matter where they find them.   Tribal Tradition rules: a Coatl character will never attempt to enter by force into a dungeon that is a temple, a sanctuary or a sacred place of any race. In order to force him, whoever obliges him will have to make a successful Deception, Intimidation or Persuasion Roll with difficulty equal to 10 plus Wisdom of the Coatl character. If the Coatl finally agrees, this will be considered a breach of tradition, and may suffer Dark One's Taint..

Subrace traits   Scholars from the jungle: Coatl characters have Proficency in one of these five: Arcana, History, Investigation, Nature and Religion
Parent ethnicities
Encompassed species

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