The Rogue Verse

The Rogue Verse is a paragraph of the Dwarven Saga that was sang in paralel in 740 BC by the archives of Kaz Mekam, Dam Lodir and Dam Tarihr. The paragraph, 1600 words long, contained a 211 differences in runas that became the source of the Discrepancy, a major political, cultural and martial dispute between the Kingdom of Dam Lodir and Kingdom of Dam Tarihr.

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Like all other Paragraphs, the one containing the Rogue Verse contained 1,600 Runas. The "verse" itself only accounts to 211 of these Runas, and is not an actual Verse of the Dwarven Saga. While the correct terms to use would be 'sentence', or 'segment', the term 'verse' was deliberatly embeded to reflect on the shaky rule of Kai Alurin Goldenshield.


While to members of other cultures both the Rogue Verse and the Discrepancy might seem silly, it is in fact, a matter of life an death. The mistakes in the Rogue Verse suggest on events that may or may not happened, feats that where achived by different dwaves and land that was euther given, sold or taken by force.   In Dwarven society, attributing oneself with deeds not their own is considered one of the greatest taboos. While some parts of the Saga have been found to be "embelished" in the past, none have ascended a Paragon due to those mistakes.   The effect of the discrepency cause by the Rogue Verse can undo noble lines, exchanges of land, attributes to great deeds and even the existance of several important historical figures. The main issue with the rogue verse is the line regarding Kontaz, which was the largest catalyst to the crmbling the Kingdom of Kaz Mekam.

Legal status

Many attempts have been made in the past to retroactievly, ad-hoc or even circumvent the Rogue Verse, all were met with great resistance by one side or the other. Kai Alurin Goldenshield eventually had to declare Kontaz as Terra Externa of the Kingdom to prevent civil war from breaking. This decision was to last 5 generations (roughly 1,000 years) to prevent a blood war while all 3 archives are being comb for errors.   In 617 kai Veldur Goldenshield released an announcement from Kaz Mekam that the discrepancy of the Rogue Verse was fixed, and would be corrected following the next Remembrance of 621. The events of the Battle of the Second Sun and the following sinking of Kaz Mekam in 620 along with the fixed paragraph not only prevented the houses from reconciliation, but created another point of disagreement about the location in which the city's ruins can be found.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
Record, Historical
Authoring Date
30th of Erlspri, 740 BC
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