Archive of Dam Tarihr

The Archive is an institute located in Dam Tarihr that is tasked with recording every aspect of dwarven lives in the city to make sure they, their discoveries, inventions and creations are never forgotten. The Archive has tremendous importance to the customs of the dwarves and to their economy. it is also the body that declares new Paragons, by adding their verse to the The Dwarven Saga.

Purpose / Function

The archive collects information ranging from records of bloodlines and marriages, birth and deaths and most importantly, the greatest works of a dwarf's lifetime. The Archive is the closest thing the dwarves of Dam Lodir have to a temple, as they also use it and it's functions as part of dwarven rituals and ceremonies.


Since it's inception thousands of years ago, the archive has been carved deeper and deeper into the earth, adding new sections and wings for recording and monitoring of trade and economy, magic, legal disputes, state festivals and more.


The Archive is chiseled into the dept of the earth going down from the center of the city, its walls are decorated with paintings, precious gems and expensive metal ornaments. The structure's wide corridors and high ceiling rooms are grand and majestic, a fact that is noted by nearly anyone who visits the place.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
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