A Paragon in dwarf traditions is a person who achieved an extraordinary feat or made an ultimate sacrifice for the entire dwarven race. Paragons are not worshiped, but commemorated in the saga, an endless song being sang by the The Archive.


When a Paragon is appointed, the respective archive who declared it as such would send a representative to sing the Paragon's verse in the city center. The names of the Pargaon's surviving kin, if any, are declared along with their new titles and benefits. A mural depicting the Paragon is chiseled out of stone and placed in the archive along the complete testimonies of all who accompanied the Paragon during their lifetime. The verse itself is added to the Dwarven Saga only after the following Remembrance, so its continuity will remain intact.


Becoming a Paragon entails many benefits, although few are declared during their lifetime, and a living Paragon is a controversial subject. Despite not enjoying the benefits, the person who becomes a Paragon improves the quality of live of his entire family, who automatically rise to nobility and receive a mansion in their city best quarter or district. Along the new titles and property, the family of the Paragon is also permitted to mint their own Marks and a specialized Runa is made to commemorate the occasion. The family may also appoint a representative of the Paragon to serve in the city's archive to ensure their ancestor's memory is kept.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Once a Paragon was appointed, the title can not be taken back even if centuries have passed. This is to ensure the continuity of the Dwarven Saga that must always be sang. A False Paragon, however, such as someone who stole the achievements of others and was later brought to light, is a source of great shame and embarrassment. The former paragon's family is most likely to lose the title and all their marks would be then considered illegal for trade. In order to not change the Saga, a new verse is added after the original Paragon's verse, depicting their vile deeds and trickery. The new verse will than be read in the city's center for all to hear, after which it will be added to the Saga itself only after the next Remembrance.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
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