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The Vrýkus Throne (VREE-KUS)

The lands of the liberated, who seek to spread their bloody truth to all who stand beneath the mechanized light

You talk about death like it's some kind of beloved responsibility, and cling to your souls like a childhood trophy. Why?   Both are expectations of a universe which you owe nothing to. What sin is there in surviving? Because you survived past your "ordained time"?   How stupid. Since the formation of the universe, life's one directive was to survive - and what organism does not survive by feeding upon its ecosystem?   Answer me - what then, is undeath, but life perservering?
— A taunting lecture given to a dying Ironite Soldier


Unlike its counterpart, The Iron Empire, the layout of the society and government of The Vrýkus Throne is almost beautiful in its simplicity - designed to have as little "big brother" style governmental oversight as much as possible to allow for its citizens an unsurpassed degree of personal freedom, the Vrýkus Throne is best described as a sort of loose federation of states, each with its own ruler and style of rulership, unified beneath the banner of a central government led by the Immortal Vampire Queen, Kali - who functions less like a smotheringly singular autocrat and more like a theocratic monarch who holds more symbolic power than actual true governmental power.  

Governmental Structure

  • The High Tower: The catchall term for the central government of the Vrýkus Throne, so named for the mighty spire of ice and blood atop which Kali, the heads of the Great Houses, and the heads of the various Districts of the Kingdom decide upon matters of state. In truth, what power the High Tower does have is almost entirely that which is vested in it by the citizens of the Kingdom itself who vest in The High Tower various bureaucratic powers such as overseeing the construction of infrastructure to unify the lands of the Vrýkus Throne such as roads and tollhouses and the like, as well as overseeing kingdom-wide finances, tribute schemes, tax rates, and the like. Generally, the High Tower is a fearsome entity with considerable powers of discipline and enforcement at its disposal, but only in the service of unifying the disparate lands of the Vrýkus Throne into a coherent geopolitical entity beneath the teachings of Kali - making them one part theocratic enforcers, one part governmental overseers, and one part subtle manipulators. Given potent power, they are charged with keeping The Vrýkus Throne aligned beneath the teachings of Kali and capable of presenting a coherent, singular front against their foes - to this end, several governmental bodies such as the Great Houses and other various religious and governmental institutions exist beneath the banner of the High Tower to act as a unifying "glue" to counterbalance the relative chaos of the rest of The Vrýkus Throne. A governing council is held here once or twice a month with the heads of the Great Houses and the heads of the Districts in attendance, though again Kali, The Broodqueen herself provides little true governmental direction in these meetings beyond suggestions, opinions, and reprimands for poor conduct. Instead, these meetings are used as a time for them to inform Kali herself of recent events, discuss them with each other, vie for power in the presence of Kali, and make cases to each other and to Kali to bring those whose quests for personal power may bring them "too far out of line" back into line beneath the banner of the throne.
  • Districts: The bulk of the Governmental Structure of country, the Districts are the "states" that make up the federation that is The Vrýkus Throne - each are ruled in their own unique ways ranging from singular rulers to triumvirate councils to even large assemblies, and are given a massive degree of internal autonomy so long as regular "taxes" are paid to The High Tower in the form of regular tributes either in the form of money, sacrifices, slaves, or other resources. Linked together via the Infrastructure laid down and constructed by the High Tower, they present a largely united front to their enemies while expertly masking the ruthless power politics that wrack every layer of District Politics - as those who run the Districts in all forms earnestly and viciously seek to conquer and claim dominion over the other to vie for the favor of The High Tower(And more specifically, the leader of the Tower, Kali, Matron Saint of the entire country), such that each are constantly probing their neighbors and allies for weaknesses even during wartime. Despite being aware of the fact that if they were all to unify in a more coherent way, they would likely overrun the living within a matter of weeks, those who make up District Politics simply have no desire to do so in a way that does not make them look as good as possible in the eyes of their Goddess Kali when the last living body is thrown on the pile.
  • Townships: The most basic governmental "unit" that makes up the Vrýkus Throne, the Township is a general term for any settlement created in the lands of the Throne by any who seek to settle there - in general, they are divided into "Unaffiliated" and "Affiliated" Townships; the former denoting a Township who, despite being founded within the lands of the Vrýkus Throne, has yet to throw its lot in with a District or ally itself in a formal way to any governing body in the country, instead preferring to hack it as a frontier town. While this does have merits, as it means the township has no tribute due to any overlords, it is exceedingly dangerous as all nearby districts and governmental powers will eagerly seek to conquer them and add them to their empire(Though it is possible for them to grow enough into entire fiefs or districts of their own in time). Likewise, Affiliated Townships are those who have accepted the protections of either the High Tower directly or one of their nearby districts and its leaders - agreeing to pay its tributes and dues in exchange for being included in Vrýkus Throne infrastructure projects, protection against its enemies, and so on.

Societal Structure

  • Great Houses: The highest level one can exist at in the society of The Vrýkus Throne, mostly reserved for the most ancient and honored of bloodlines and families who have earned a personal blessing at the hands of Kali herself at one time or another - a large amount of the Great Houses are those who first threw their lot in with Kali during the early days of the aftermath of the Skyfall Calamity, though a rare few new houses have been crowned since(or more commonly, lone individuals accepted into existing houses) for outstanding deeds performed in service of Kali and the lands of The Vrýkus Throne. They enjoy outstanding privilege direct from the High Tower, are all but assured eternal unlife, fantastic power, personal transformations given by Kali Herself into the mightiest and most legendary of beings, and are given the exclusive right to live alongside Kali within the capital of the Vrýkus Throne where the power center of The High Tower is located at. The only societal rank in the Vrýkus Throne that works off of bloodlines or at least "familial relationships" in a way that mortals could relate to, the Great Houses are made up of the mightiest and most devoted followers of Kali or servants of The Vrýkus Throne as a whole - sometimes both. Few dare to challenge their authority aside from the masters of the Districts, as they wield immense personal and political influence in the country. Though some may not consider it such, a "downside" of this rank means that the eye of Kali herself tends to fall upon those of this rank almost constantly - meaning there is often little room for subterfuge or mistakes as they play the Power Politics of The Vrýkus Throne at the highest level for the prize that all who live in the country yearn for; Kali's Approval and Acceptance.
  • Highborn: Despite what the name may suggest, those in this rank are not those "born" into any noble standing - they are simply those who, having ascended to some higher rank or achieved some great and notable deed in service of The Vrýkus Throne, have been awarded a higher station to match. The exact benefits of this rank vary from district to district, they are often elevated into mightier Undead or Monstrous Forms and embody a "virtue" or other "creed" that the Vrýkus Throne holds as important to it and its citizens. Unlike those who are welcomed into the ranks of the Great Houses, the Highborn can be crowned by any District Commander - not just Kali herself.
  • Peasant: The overwhelming majority of the Throne's population - they bear no special rank, position, or title, and exist as the bulk of those who live within The Vrýkus Throne, living or dead. Free to carve their own paths, they are granted extraordinary freedoms compared to those who live within The Iron Empire - to move wherever the please, to attack whoever they please, to take whatever they please, to accept whoever they please, to welcome whoever they please; but most importantly, the freedom to accept responsibility for their actions themselves, alone.


As a general rule, the people of the Vrýkus Throne are deeply chaotic, treasuring their personal freedoms and survival above all else, even their country or their neighbors or even creatures they may count as "friends" - nothing is more sacred to a citizen of the Throne than themselves and their right to do whatever they want, when they want. Unlike those who dwell in The Iron Empire, the people of the Vrýkus Throne don't even neccessarily hold the tenets of Kali, The Broodqueen in the highest of regards; instead, the people there are self-serving, selfish, and casually cruel as a matter of course - the notion of the "Worth of a Life" is utterly alien to them, and the notions of life and death are laughable to them in general for they believe that life is a cruel joke and an inferior state of being, while death is something that holds little meaning to them who have so many ways to cheat it. In many ways, those who dwell in the lands of the Throne no longer even recognize the living as people - simply viewing them as vermin to be killed(Or "Liberated", as they might say), or livestock to be fed upon and used for entertainment; a casual brutality which reveals much of the complete absence of morality present in much of the Throne's citizens.   They believe, above all else, in survival - and most importantly do not see what they do to the living as cruelty at all; instead, they see the casual sadism with which they wipe out the living and torment them as little more than the natural progression of an ecosystem. To them, they see what they do as only natural - following the rules of nature that dictate that life survive and thrive to fit their given environment. Things like morality and "the soul" mean little to citizens of The Throne, as they share a deeply nihilistic view of the universe thanks in large part to The Skyfall Calamity - what do they owe the universe, after all, when it clearly cares so little for them? What cycle of souls is owed their souls? What gods are owed their death? To the people of the throne, the answer to their questions is nothing - their only duty is to survive and thrive, and they plan to do precisely that.   Despite this apparent nihilism, they are anything but dour - the people of the throne pride themselves on enjoying themselves, on sating themselves and glutting themselves on all of life's pleasures to the fullest; after all, they are owed nothing if not pleasure for all the horrors the world has inflicted on them. And to them, cruelty and suffering are their tools to reveal the true nature of life - hypocritical and outdated, clinging to ideals and morality that benefit no one but some nebulous higher power.   Perhaps then, one can understand the reason for which the residents of the throne hold Kali, The Broodqueen in such a high regard and treasure her as much as they do - for she is wholly unlike her counterpart Tavross, The Iron Emperor; she does not rule as an autocrat but instead holds sway over the hearts and minds of her people - a beloved monarch who is beloved by her people not because she is some central authority figure whom they must obey, but instead because she herself is the very embodiment of the truths they hold vast to. To the people of the Throne, Kali is the Vrýkus Throne - she is the people who live there - in ways that go far deeper than her status as some sort of simple "figurehead"; instead, she is an unliving embodiment of everything they hold true about the world - she who saved them and showed them the truth, and she who delivers them still. Strange, perhaps, for a nation so beset by cruelty and undeath to love so deeply - but the people of the throne do so nonetheless, vying constantly for the greatest gift they view as being able to recieve:   The attentions and/or blessings of Kali, The Broodqueen herself.

Public Agenda

The agenda of The Vrýkus Throne is one that seems exceedingly simple - the extermination or enslavement of all living creatures and the establishment of an empire of the unliving to all corners of the globe. To do so, they believe is nothing less than the true and proper way of nature - the organism most fit to live in the environment rising to dominance over it.   Yet, in truth, their goal is somewhat more nuanced - what they seek exactly is more accurately the transformation of most all living creatures into undead(Or rarely, more monstrous forms), not neccesarily their extinction or enslavement; though the two goals collide and are conflated quite often. In truth, to many, the difference is sophistry only - yet, to the throne, it is critical: one implies a self-destructive goal of extermination, while the other implies a transformation just as habitable if not more so than the former; one they believe will bring more prosperity to the world than the living ever could or did.   "If only", the residents of the throne say, "the living would just part with their souls and be reborn, none of us would be in this mess." - a phrase which is easily discounted as flippant exhaustion that betrays more of The Vrýkus Throne's true agenda than many realize.


The assets of the Vrýkus Throne are completely and utterly slapshod - unlike The Iron Empire no concrete records are kept of the country's resources and assets, leaving only perhaps Kali, The Broodqueen herself with complete knowledge of all the assets available to the Throne.

Demography and Population

The Demography of the Vrýkus Throne is a complete and utter mess - almost entirely inhabited by the undead and monsters beyond mortal comprehension, there is little that dwells in the throne that is not dead or soon to be dead in some way. Very few living creatures eke out livings here of any kind, with most living beings acting as slaves or fugitives from the local governments who hunt them like animals - yet, in some twisted way, the Vrýkus Throne is perhaps the last bastion for the monstrous and mythical in Numiastra as it is one of the few places where such creatures can live relatively unimpeded. As such, creatures like Giants, Demons, Devils, Mythical Beasts and the like are all found here irregularly - yet nothing but the dead have a true place in the throne, for even monsters who ally to the throne are, at best, granted clemency to serve only temporarily - in time, the throne will kill and raise all life beneath its banner.   However, this place is not neccessarily one of servitude or villainous corruption - so long as creatures accept a transformation into an Undead Creature or occasionally a more monstrous creature, they will likely be allowed to live their lives without care within the lands of the throne. And even then, some living creatures can be welcomed into the country as is if they are judged to be hunted, outcasts, heretics, or otherwise fugitives from some other living government across the lands of Numiastra - for the lands of The Vrýkus Throne are nothing if not spiteful to the living, and such living creatures can often be granted clemency to serve and live within its borders so long as they swear to, in time, accept a boon of mutation or transformation into a form more fitting to the country's interests.


By and large, the Vrýkus Throne holds all lands south of the Black Desert - the lands of the tribal peoples who first allied with Kali, The Broodqueen in the days following The Skyfall Calamity - what these lands might have held before the calamity is unknown, but they were ceded almost entirely willingly to Kali, The Broodqueen by those who lived there during the country's founding, and thus became the core homelands of the Vrýkus Throne. However, a few of the Vrýkus Throne's more eastern territories and outlying southern oceanic territories were conquered in the centuries following the country's founding before it turned its full attention to its mortal enemy, The Iron Empire.


The Vrýkus Throne has no organized military - nearly every resident however is powerful in some form or fashion thanks to the large populations of the undead and the monstrous that call the Throne home, meaning that what the country lacks in an organized military it more than makes up for in raw power. Thanks to how chaotic and fragmented the country truly is, all that is required for it to march to war is a lord of some renown with some sway over the populace in an area to convince enough of the Vrýkus Throne's residents to join up and march to feast on the living and to war - once this is achieved no matter how big or small the force may be, a military force is formed so formidable and resilient that the military of the notoriously militarized and industrialized The Iron Empire is pushed to its breaking point.   In any form of wartime, the Vrýkus Throne relies solely on the unfathomable power of its undead and monstrous residents who rush forth in vague attack waves seeking only to glut themselves on their enemies - without fear and without remorse, they charge towards enemy lines with reckless abandon, strong enough with their undead resilience to shrug off all but the most lethal attacks with the strength to carve through steel unimpeded with their bare hands, they are remorseless killers whose chaotic battle tactics paint the entire landscape in bloody swatches.   Occasionally, when more powerful and tactically-minded Vrýkus Throne commanders take charge, the typically chaotically organized forces of the throne can be loosely organized into more coherent wave-based tactics - but nothing more organized than staggered waves of creatures that save the strongest and largest threats until the end and more intelligently disperse the might of the country's residents across the battlefield, for the simple fact that the Vrýkus Throne rarely needs to be that tactical on the battlefield. Fielding blood mages, legions of skeletons and zombies, powerful undead such as dullahans and minor reapers, and even the occasional Undead Dragon, their armies leave desolation in their wake and cause all but the mightiest legions of the living to quake in fear - for their armies need no supply chains, destroy all lands they pass through, cannot be starved, cannot be suffocated, cannot have their morale broken...they know only destruction and crave only blood.


Ironically, the lands of The Vrýkus Throne are somewhat tolerant of religions - though they place that of Kali, The Broodqueen first and foremost, their emphasis on self-preservation and self-serving chaos means that it is rare for any organized government in the country to care about a religion unless it proves massively troublesome, allowing preachers and Mythmakers to move freely about the country.

Foreign Relations

The Throne's relations with the rest of the world is nothing but violent - perhaps the natural course for a country that seeks to eradicate or enslaving the living and create an eternal empire of the Undead.

Agriculture & Industry

The agriculture and industry of The Vrýkus Throne are almost nonexistant - though small agricultural fields might be found here and there, they are a rarity as almost none of the Throne's residents require such things as food or water; likewise, they eschew the trappings of industry and live simple, cruel lives that have no interest in industries of any kind - painting a much more primitive and simplistic way of life than their counterparts in The Iron Empire.

Trade & Transport

Connected as they are by a vast network of roads built and maintained by The High Tower, the lands of the Vrýkus Throne are connected by overland wagon trains pulled by unsleeping skeletal horses and Nightmares - moving what little supplies the country needs within its vast bulk(typically tributes paid by its member district-states).


Almost nonexistant. Certain districts of the country may educate some of its citizens, but very few do - seeing it as unneeded.

A simple freedom, a simple truth.

Geopolitical, Empire
Alternative Names
The Throne, The Shade Lands
Head of State
Government System
Power Structure
Economic System
Barter system
The Vrykus Throne has no official currency - some of its districts may opt to use currencies, but by and large bartering is the best way to get by in the lands of the Throne.
Major Exports
Major Imports
Legislative Body
The Vrýkus Throne has no central legislative body - the individual districts have the authority to make their own laws and rules, with minimal oversight from The High Tower who is empowered to make a minimal amount of rules and laws only to bind the country together and link them with infrastructure and the like.
Judicial Body
The interpretation of the laws is largely left up to the individual districts that make the country up, but in this regard The High Tower is vastly more empowered - and carries the authority to inquisition any city of the Throne to ensure it is remaining true to the mission of the country.
Executive Body
While the enforcement of many laws is largely left up to the individual districts of the country(within reason), by and large The High Tower is considered the foremost executive body of the country - empowered to enforce the laws across the country and act as the uniting force keeping the disparate district-states under one singular banner.

Sworn Enemies

A rivalry as old as the Skyfall Calamity itself, the Vrykus Throne and the Iron Empire have been at war ever since any being alive on Numiastra can remember - their struggle is one of living versus the dead, of new vs old, of hope versus despair; though which is which is a theological and philosophical debate few are prepared for. Engaging each other with fury unmatched, the two mighty empires war wherever they other can be found, each seeking the total extinction of the other to claim total dominance on the continent and beyond.

Districts of The Vrýkus Throne

The Weeping Teeth

  • Leader: The Grey Lady
  • Capital: The Sunless Citadel
  • Species: Vampire
  • Description: The second oceanic district formed not long after the secession of the Lost District, the Weeping Teeth is led by the powerful Vampiress known as The Grey Lady - originally given to her as a punishment posting for her failings which saw her stripped of her name, the Vampiress given the wettest, most oceanic lands(Typically a weakness of her kind) soon turned them into a sprawling archipelago of commerce and trade which the High Tower kept under a more watchful eye than that of the Lost District. Now, while isolated, it enjoys a level of stability and power other districts rarely experience, as its ruler has so far proven impossible to depose thanks to the archipelago's natural geography and its people's extreme reverence for their leader. Here, its people live tight-knit, tribal lives of hard work in fishing and coastal villages that are almost xenophobic in their seclusion.

The Inexorable Alliance

  • Leader: High Chancellor Wobblejaw
  • Capital: Brabolia, the City of Script
  • Species: Skeleton
  • Description: The most well-ordered and well-structured district in the entire Vrýkus Throne, The Inexorable Alliance is led by the esteemed High Chancellor Wobblejaw - a skeleton raised by an unknown necromancer who rose to power despite his status as a lowly skeleton on the backs of clever deals and power plays, as well as rock-solid alliances made with other weaker undead tribes that saw him become the face of the most organized and lawful district in the entire Throne. Well-organized and lawbound to the core, the Alliance is one of the wealthier and well-run districts in the throne, whose clever political maneuvering and clever business acumen keep it ahead of its peers. Highly urban and well-organized to a fault, the Alliance is a district that ever chases perfection in its timetable and in its laws - a fact which puts it at odds with the rest of the more chaotic Throne. Despite this, none have succeeded in taking land from the Alliance for long - which has only fueled rumors that the seemingly weak High Chancellor may be much more than he appears...

The Rhinestone Valley

  • Leader: The Gemstone Assembly
  • Capital: Vyškolov, The Opaline City
  • Species: Unknown. Believed to be psionic or psychic crystalline creatures
  • Description: A newly formed district that has risen to power on the backs of the strange, psychic might of the Gemstone Assembly which appeared not long after the initial bounties of its gemstone mines were discovered, the lands of the Rhinestone Valley are some of the wealthiest in all the Throne owing to the strangely gemstone-rich mines discovered beneath the capital of Vyškolov - a wealth which catapulted the city into indepedence from its previous masters in The Inexorable Alliance. Fabulously wealthy, the Valley wields its wealth to carefully balance a neutrality between its two neighbors, the Inexorable Alliance and The Weeping Teeth - playing its enemies off each other to stay independent despite its small size.

The Fanged King's Crown

  • Leader: Wolflord Liekos IV, The Unbroken
  • Capital: Svisshniki, the City of a Thousand Pelts
  • Species: Werewolf - true species unknown
  • Description: One of the oldest and mightiest districts in the Throne, the lands of the Crown have been led by the mightiest Werewolves of the Wolfpacks that reside there since even before the formation of the entire Vrýkus Throne - powerful beyond measure and in possession of a strange code of honor, the were-beasts of the Crown answer solely to the Fanged King(better known as the Wolflord), and lead their people in small hunting and logging communities that place more emphasis on small-town living and bravery in battle rather than the big-city lives led by their neighborings in the incredible urban Inexorable Alliance.

The Arterial Shadelands

  • Leader: Ser Guillaume, The Traitor Prince
  • Capital: Doldov, Seat of the Forgotten
  • Species: Living Human
  • Description: A district ever beset by violence, the Arterial Shadelands have existed as the only district led by living beings(Humans no less) since the formation of the throne(So long as one doesn't count the Were-beasts of the Fanged King's Crown, who aren't considered living in the same sense) - a fact which has driven its neighbors to fury countless times over the years. Led by Ser Guillaume, the charismatic knight said to have once served at the side of the High Traitor Ser Percival himself, the Arterial Shadelands make no attempt to hide their acceptance of living creatures nor their dedication to Kali. Always eager to prove themselves to Kali and the High Throne, they seek the greatest glory and throw themselves into the mightiest conflicts in the hopes of proving their loyalties once and for all - a fervor which has earned them the alliance and friendship of their neighbors in The Fanged King's Crown. A land of dark skies and swampy marshes, it is a place where many go to hide from the worst and most violent elements of the throne - a place which is semi-infamous for turning the blind eye to any who come to the marshes of the Shadelands to hide and be forgotten.

The Floating Coast

  • Leader: Lady Jagoda Barabas
  • Capital: Mělkov, The Drowning City
  • Species: Unknown. Believed to be an Undead Kraken that has learned to take humanoid form
  • Description: A district that perhaps holds the title of "most feared in the eyes of the The Iron Empire", the Floating Coast is the seat of the feared First Fleet which makes port in the coastal city of Mělkov, capital of the District as a whole, which terrorizes the entire Blasting Sea. One the most ruthless and well-organized navies in the whole of Numiastra only further augmented by its nature as a fleet of the dead and damned, the naval power of The Floating Coast has long been lauded as "limited only by the bounds of the Blasting Sea", and is largely thanks to the Floating Coast's zealous dedication to the mission of tearing down the technological advantage possessed by The Iron Empire and finding ever more ingenius ways to destroy their metallic edifices. A district of cruel innovation in the most vile sense possible, the Floating Coast is long lauded as "The Place where Hope goes to die" as more innovating ways of snuffing out the living, new ways to break their spirits, better and more efficient ways to kill them, and so on are eternally developed across the district. While the Throne frowns on technological advancements, the Floating Coast is home to some of the most advanced biomechanical engineering in all of Numiastra, and home to the famed Veinsplitter Institute which pioneers new ways to make Undead and new Undead creatures themselves, blessed and founded by Kali, The Broodqueen herself.

The Walled District of Bartosz

  • Leader: The Eight-Blade Alliance
  • Capital: The Fortress-City of Bartosz
  • Species: Varies
  • Description: A relative oddity among the districts of the Vrykus Throne, the Walled District of Bartosz is the newest of the districts to be formed - and its story began some hundred years before the modern day, when a group of eight adventurers came to the lands of the Throne from lands beyond, intent on carving out their fortunes far removed from the bureaucracies of the north in a land that they could operate at their own discretions. Delving into ruins beneath what is now the sprawling walled city of Bartosz, the adventurers struck it utterly rich, and soon news of their success drew settlers, farmers, and more adventurers to the ruins - eventually creating a small village which blossomed into a sprawling town and eventually a thriving city which, even now, firmly maintains its independence and has upgraded to a District. Militant to the core, the city maintains eight disciplines of combat dedicated to the adventurers who founded it and built its mighty walls, and it is with this military that they keep their independence in the face of their neighbors who jealously covet the wealth of the ruins beneath the city for themselves. Its rulers serving as leaders of the eight schools of Bartosz combat, it has historically butted heads with the High Tower over tribute amounts and non-payment of taxes, but has brought back into line each time - most recently by fearsome Lady Jagoda, who nearly pulled their fortress city into the Blasting Sea for their insolence.

The Shattered Steppe

  • Leader: Emperor Mikuláš, Conqueror of the Seventy-Seven Clans
  • Capital: Zlachet, Seat of the Seventy-Seven
  • Species: Undead Cyclops
  • Description: The oldest and most powerful District in the Throne, the Shattered Steppe is a place where only the mightiest thrive - led by the unbelievably powerful Undead Cyclops said to be the last of his kind on Numiastra(A creature whose very existence is a rarity in the modern day, as he is a stuff more of legend than reality) who once held the title of Consort to Kali, The Broodqueen herself, its rampaging monsters and undead hordes answer solely to their Unconquered King and no one else. Prideful and barbaric in their mannerisms, they form much of the raw military might of the Throne and were historically a large reason why the people of the Throne vested so much power in the High Table during the country's founding - thanks in large part to Emperor Mikuláš and his warhost placing their strangely pure faith in their Broodqueen. Despite the strength of its ruler, the district is one of the most chaotic in the country - as its Emperor leaves his Seventy-Seven conquered clans to fight and feud amongst each other and kill who they please so long as they answer his call to war when it is issued.

The Lost District

  • Leader: Radu von Dragomir
  • Capital: Bulivka, Home of the Forlorn
  • Species: Vampire Lord
  • Description: Originally the third district inducted into the lands of the Vrýkus Throne, the Lost District stands as the only one of the districts to have successfully seceded from the country and go fully independent after the successful coup staged by the Von Dragomir family that had controlled the isle since the country's inception. Having historically been entrusted to the Great House of Von Dragomir as a reward for their aid in founding the country, it was largely left to its own devices for centuries and kept isolated with minimal oversight which largely contributed to the eventual revolution that broke it off from the central Thronelands - a valuable lesson to the High Tower on the proper means of governing a more remote district separated from the central Thronelands by ocean, it's failings would eventually allow for the formation of The Weeping Teeth as the second oceanic district. Now, it stands largely isolated and inaccessible to the lands of the Throne - with little word in or out about what life may be like inside.


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