Numiastra The Skyfall Calamity

The Skyfall Calamity

Disaster / Destruction


The Shining silver meteor said to have once been one of the invincible Skycities of the Aurelian Hegemony of Man crashes into the center of the Numiastran Supercontinent and detonates inside the depths of its central Leyline Nexus, forever destroying and altering the physical and magical geography of Numiastra and beyond forever. With this calamity, Atlen, the mana of the world, becomes a limited resource coveted by mages and living beings alike as mass extinctions even rock the Numiastran Continent and the newly created outlying islands as well as the newly transmuted Black Desert of seemingly infinite Blackpowder.   For more information, see Broken Leylines and Circuitbleed.

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