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Alyiraetia (english)



Anatomy & Morphology

It is an insect with six legs. They have a glowing thorax with a blue light. The wings of the adults are also blue.  

Genetics & Reproduction

Alyiraetias live together in a hive. Only a Queen of the hive can reproduce. She selects a small group of males every year to mate with her.  

Biological Cycle

The Queen lays eggs in the hive and the other females are covering it up with Eazeal. The Alyiraetias are born as a larva, after one month they morph into the little blue insects. This is happens in the second month of the year.  

Ecology & Habitat

The Alyiraetias are found by the great lake Banuri, or by the children of this lake. They eat water plants that grow just underneath the water's surface.  

Average Intelligence

They have a hive mind. They communicate with pheromones.  

Body Tint, Colouring and Markings

The body of the insect is brown. The glowing thorax is blue that is also the case with the wings. The thorax, however, is not only glowing, it is burning. When a Catian or human touches the little insect, it will burn their flesh.  

Symbiotic and Parasitic Species

The Catians and Alyiraetias are live side by side. The Catians even keep the lake clean during Cleaning day, so the food of insects never goes away.  

Uses, Byproducts & Exploitation

The Catians provide hives for the insects, made from sandstone. Every fifth month, of the year the Catians harvest the Eazeal from the hives. They wait long enough for the larvae to grow into adults.
Also known as
Blue devils
Scientific Name
Alsayta yuety alwad
Geographic Distribution

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