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Nova Babylon


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Nova Babylon is een ruimte station in de derde zonnestelsel, vlak bij de bewoonde planeet Catia. De witte zon van dit zonnestelsel geeft het ruimtestation haar energie.  

Written works

Nova Babylon

Nova Cover.png
Robin is admitted to a home for girls and makes friends there. Nine whole years pass and the group of friends the Fallen Angels as they call themselves. Caused a lot of trouble for the local police force, the Novas.   But when war breaks out, the friends don't hesitate for a moment. They both offer a helping hand in exchange for food and shelter. The finger of blame, for the attacks on the spaceship, is soon pointed to the near planet Catia and its inhabitants, the Catians.   After the Fallen angels have proven themselves, they are sent by the king of Nova Babylon to Catia, where they come face to face with their enemy. Or so they think.

Flamming Arrow

After a year of fighting, there is still no peace. Robin those all what she can, but is still not recovered from her wounds.   Will she bring back peace on the space station Nova Babylon.

Blood on the White Sand

Blood in the san.png
Short story over the creation on Alqitat Sida.