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In Dustbane City, Humanos is a common custom, where guests bring some gifts to their hosts to thank them for having them over. This means the guest can connect with the host and have a fun time at their place. The type of gifts vary, depending on whether one finds themselves in the North or the South of Dustbane. Most hosts also choose to give a gift back to their guests too, making for a pleasant experience all round.   Humanos is also observed regionally for large events like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and many other human events celebrated across the world.


Guests are often expected to bring at least one gift to their host, since it shows respect for their time. They are shown when the guest is outside the door, and opened inside the building. The gifts can also be an apology for being late, which is useful if the host isn't very patient or is busy. Across Dustbane, it is agreed that bringing the host's favourite gifts mean the guests also get a great one in return.  


In the North, it's customary to bring food, since it's hard to grow crops there. The type of food can be anything, including ingredients (although most citizens prefer ready-made food). To please their hosts (and to eat some of the food), guests often bring a large box of treats to share with the host and their family or friends.  


It's just as well we're near the Southern Markets, then! Where on Earth would you find an elephant saddle?
— A passerby to their friend
  However, in the South, some hosts expect guests to bring artefacts instead. But not just any artefact, unique ones with a story behind them. They are easy to find in the Southern Markets, but harder to buy. Other hosts just ask for any interesting relic, which are much cheaper to buy. Most hosts appreciate the effort, which is apparently why they ask for these weird gifts.   Just like in the North, guests also get a weird relic in return. These artefacts tend to be collected from the host's adventures, and it's considered a great honour if they give one to their guests.
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