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August 2026 AD/AX

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So this journey begins, on an Earth not too different from our own. In the 11th century, humanoids arrived here from another planet to escape the Elders' clutches. All the humans knew was that the planet existed in the same galaxy as Earth did, which is Nonagarn. After a period of fighting between themselves, the humanoids integrated well into human culture, finally safe from the Elders.   However, all is not well on planet Earth. History has long since been buried, with very few humanoids knowing the full story of their pasts. These knowledge gaps have been filled with lies by the remaining Elders who has stayed hidden from society. With their memories altered, and old grudges beginning to surface, humanoids must stop a dangerous scheme against humans and humanoids.   While there's unfinished business ahead, there's also plenty of history deep within Nonagarn, waiting to be uncovered once more.