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The Nol Ridge

The epicenter of Earth energy, this mountain ridge named after the Earth god Nol harbors a grand city of stone and steel, home to the golems. Even after the Shattering, the range remains intact.


As an island, Nol Ridge is composed of around 7 large landmasses, all close together. Each of these landmasses contains 1 - 3 mountains of various sizes. In the center between all these islands rests one large island with a singular mountain of a similar scale. The outer islands commonly contain lakes running into waterfalls, with water slowly becoming less common as you reach the center landmass. Perhaps the most peculiar geographic feature of the area is the collection of massive, monolithic stone blocks that surround the archipelago. These structures appeared with the Shattering, strung together by physical strands of Earth energy, and form a sort of ring around the mountain range.


Thanks to a very rocky terrain, the Nol Ridge doesn't sport many different forms of flora outside of shrubbery and moss. Despite the mountains being mainly jagged, the caves running through the peaks provide for plenty of shelter for wildlife. However, there is a distinct lack of most fauna in the central island, partly due to the city taking up the mountain, but mainly because of the absence of much freshwater.

Localized Phenomena

As stated before, the cubes surrounding the ridge islands are the strangest feature here. These blocks range from being only around 1 cubic meter in size to nearly being the size of a large house, and harbor moss and any plants fortunate enough to grow from the cracks in the stone. The stones are held together by garland-like strings of pure energy.


Next to the Exin Tundra, the Nol Ridge is actually the second coldest main island in Nocturn. It was the island that was lifted higher than all the others, and a heightened elevation at the peaks only makes this temperature colder. Snowfall is common throughout the colder seasons, and tends to gather at the peaks.

Fauna & Flora

Common mountain mammals such as goats or bears can be found around the Ridge, in addition to the bats living within the caves. Birds of all varieties also flock to the mountains, particularly those that can survive colder temperatures, such as owls. The plant life on the mountains includes only moss and shrubbery, the cold temperatures and rocky scape prevent much flora from growing there, but the caves within the outer mountains are lush and rich with life. The vines and moss inside the cave systems are bioluminescent, glowing vibrant shades of green and sometimes gold.

Natural Resources

Of course, the mountains contain many varieties of rock, most commonly granite. Quite a few metals can be found in the mountain, most of which are very durable, including iron, cobalt, and titanium. Goat products are actually another common resource from the mountains, including fleece, horns, and cheese.


The Talos were actually the first people to inhabit these mountains, they currently live on the outer edges of the ridge in mountainside villages. Thousands of years before the Shattering, the Golems, seeking out stone and metal to work with, had congregated at the largest mountain and began to build a city. The Talos, not willing to give away their land, confronted the golems and threatened to use force to remove them from the ridge. This conflict nearly expanded to a full-scale war, though through the work of a few skilled diplomats, warfare was avoided. Tensions were still not settled however, and the Nol Ridge remains to this day in unstable neutrality.
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