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Oralence Forest

Oralence Forest is a magical forest of maple trees shrouded in fog and filled with arcane flora and fauna. Thanks to a powerful spell that encompasses the forest, any sense of direction is useless deep within the woods, but the resources and sights to find are well worth the risk.


Oralence is a dense forest, trees cover a large portion of the ground. The terrain is neither flat nor hilly, having slight variations in elevation throughout the landscape. The fragments of several rivers flow through the islands, running off the edge in waterfalls. However, there is no semblance of organized terrain; some form of chaos spell affects the entirety of the forest's land, seemingly making it shift around when no one is looking.

Localized Phenomena

Aside from its effects on the local flora, Oralence's high concentration of chaos magic causes all other elemental energies to be amplified within the forest. This also somewhat bleeds out to surrounding regions, such as the spires of Meriun, creating the phenomenon known as "vibrant" magic.


The region remains relatively warm all throughout the year, not rising too high during the hot seasons, and not dropping too low during the colder ones. Rainfall is common, to the point of the forest fogging up nearly every other day.

Fauna & Flora

Perhaps the most well-known quirk of Oralence is its wide variety of strange flora. Thought to be the product of strong magic being absorbed into the plant life, many flowers and herbs can be found here that produce strange effects on living and nonliving things alike. For example, a bioluminescent flower simply known as a lanternflower gives one the ability to see flawlessly in the dark when ground up into dust, or a variety of spinach that gives the consumer unusual strength, at the cost of their coordination. In addition, the concentration of magic has bled into the trees, making the maple into a variety of runic wood. The local fauna have adapted to either utilize or resist against the magical plants, resulting in creatures such as corrosive woodland creatures, or insects that have grown incredibly resistant to all forms of elemental attack.

Natural Resources

Oralence offers all varieties of plant-based potion ingredients, it has become very popular to create brews from the arcane flora in the area. In addition, the forest harbors a copious amount of Runic wood from the trees. Some of the forest's most famed resources are found underground, including near-flawless quartz and chaotic silver, serving as a large attraction for prospectors in the area. Oralencian silver is renowned for its strong Chaos infusion, which gives it incredibly high compatibility with other elements, and the quartz is valued for its beauty and purifying properties.


Oralence once appeared north of the Revien Continent, with no explanation or context of how it came to be. Those who attempted to explore the isle were either never seen again, or returned with tales of a neverending forest that seemingly spun around them, twisting their perception with the land until they were forced to flee. Thus, Oralence Isle was left uninhabited and untouched by the people of Nocturn.
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