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The Atlanteans are descendants or the ancient Greeks that made an exodus from the ancient Hellenic lands traveling the whole Mediterranean until finally settling into an island two hundred kilometer off the coast of the Iberian Peninsula. This people has manage to become a global power from most of its history spamming a globe wide empire that were able to control big portions of the seas. However this empire would fall into decline over the centuries until finally meeting a massive downfall in the World War Two where the Empire was broke by a massive civil war that culminated in the destruction of the legendary homeland of the Atlanteans, The City of Atlantis.   Today the people of Atlantis had united under the Guarded Nation of the Atlantean Free Ctiies and have adopted many of the more Western form of governments such as Democracy under the Aurora Council, after a twenty century full of stagnation, the cities have grown their economy and had become a global emergent power getting close to reach top twenty of economic powers.  

Geopolitical Overview

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The Children os Poseidon

Is the name given to every Atlantean that has some parts of the powers of the Father God, also known as Poseidon. As such this individuals may have powers like
  • Hydrokinetics: the power to control bodies of water, they may also have sensory Hydrokinetics to feel the presence of bodies of water.
  • Terrakinetics: The power to manipulate bodies of ground, earth and rocks as well as the sensory capability to feel different sediments.
  • Sea creatures Sensory: To be able to understand the primitive emotions of the sea creatures.
  • Dark Vision: to see beneath the seas with clarity, this comes to the cost of having difficulty to see in open bright skies.
  • Deep Breath: To hold the breath beneath the waters for a very long time as long as having a natural resistance to the heavy pressures of the bottom of the sea.
  All Children of Poseidon have a combination of these powers in various degrees of strength, it is said that the more powers one individual may have and the more powerful the more closer to the God Father the individual is.   Due to their close status with their Father God, this individuals usually enjoy higher ranks in various social circles an many families tend to marry their relatives to any Child of Poseidon they have access to.   For the Zodiac Generals it was necessary during much of its history to be a Child of Poseidon to be eligible for the position and it was usually granted to the most powerful individuals, just in some special cases the title of Zodiac General was given to a lesser Child of Poseidon.  

The Demigods

Although many of the super humans present in the Atlantean societies are Children of Poseidon, sometimes through their history a Children from another god would be born, it was refereed as a Demigod and while in most cases they would be a child from one of the major Gods of the Atlantean Pantheon, sometimes it was the child of a lesser God. This individuals enjoy a similar status as The Children of Poseidon.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

The Royal Family

They were for much of its history the rulers of the Kingdom and eventual Empire, their Dynasty would mark their names and in many cases the Dynasty would end once there were no direct heirs to the Throne, when a new branch was instated, the Dynasty would rather change its name.  

The Old Council of Aurora

Instating by the Evenor Dynasty, was created as a method to prevent the growing discontent of the population of the Empire and prevent any major breakdown of the Empire, this council was rather successful in its labor despite all the troubles and incompetents it was known for this period.  

The New Council of Aurora

Since the fall of Atlantis and the extinction of the Royal Family the Council has proclaimed itself as the rulers of the Atlanteans, they adopted more western forms of government Democratizing their structure and expanding it even more so a major representation would be given, so the the Council had been successful in its labor the the Atlantean Free cities are considered now a booming and prosperous nation.  

The Twelve Generals

In the Logos Dynasty the Twelve Generals were instated, they would the twelve more powerful Children of Poseidon and would be given the rank to guide many of the military forces of the Kingdom and Empire to protect it and to face against its foes.,   Now, after the fall of Atlantis, the Council of Aurora had decided to provide each of the twelve remaining cities a General and would make the title meritorious, this would give the title to the most experienced of the military forces rather that giving the title to a Children of Poseidon with raw power.   The General of Each city are:
  • Aries - Defender of Lyra
  • Taurus - Defender of Lupus
  • Gemini - Defender of Cassiopeia
  • Cancer - Defender of Perseus
  • Leo - Defender of Andromeda
  • Virgo - Defender of Hercules
  • Libra - Defender of Orion
  • Scorpio - Argo Navis
  • Sagittarius - Defender of Draco
  • Capricorn - Corona Borealis
  • Aquarius - Defender of Corvus
  • Pisces - Defender of Pegasus

Major Language Groups and Dialects

This languages comes from the old Hellenic languages and has almost three millennia of transformation, once the Atlantean people started to expand into the world their language began to mix with the others forming a lot of different dialect on each of the cities. At one point after the Seven Century the Atlantean Royalty decided to unify their languages creating the first basis of the modern Atlantean. This language would once again diversify over the years but would remain consistent in its phonetics, phonology and morphology.   The current modern Atlantean is estimated to only have a about 40% of the original words and in therm of Syntax, Semantics and Pragmatics it has adopted many of the different languages it has come in contact with.

Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals

The People of free love

One important Aspect of the Atlantean people and their beliefs involves their various Gods of Love in their pantheon. Apollo god of free love, Aphrodite goddess of pasionate loved, Hestia goddess of motherly love and Eros god of reciprocated love.   As decedents of the ancient Hellenic cultures, the Atlanteans developed a view on love that would be so characteristic on their society. They believe in the free love or the freedom to choose their partner based on love, under this mantra it was common for many Atlantean males to have other male parents, primarily on the military, Apollo became a non official symbol of homosexual male love and for centuries this practices remained.   Once the Christianization of Europe began, the Atlanteans held onto their traditions due to their fierce believe in them, mostly due to the Children of Poseidon that represent a direct link to their Father God and the high ranking positions this individuals held. This caused a layer of isolation in the Atlanteans that separated they culture from many of the Europeans Kingdoms.   Once the Enlightenment began to pour in Europe, many of the ideals of love of the Altanteans began to influence Europe, creating smalls communities that believe in the Free Love mantra of the Atlanteans and influecing art and music in many places, specially Italy., while this mantra was primarily followed by heterosexual couples or male homosexual couples, in this period this mantra extended into the female homosexual couples, they faced negative views initially among the Atlantean societies but became a more acceptable idea on the later centuries.   On today's world societies, after the growing movement of Gender Revolution that formed around the 2010's, the Atlantean societies have been among the first ones to integrate these ideals into their societies easily and making a return of the old mantra of Free Love. While the symbol of the God Apollo, a sun, was generally view as a symbol of homosexuality it was adopted by the Atlanteans as the symbol of the Mantra and is used by many Atlanteans when referring to the topic of Sexual Identity and Sexual Orientation.

Free Love Flag

Official flag of the Free Love Mantra from Atlantean people, widely used by the LGTB+ community of the Free Atlantean Cities.


The Trojan War (1200BC-1000BC)

The Burn of Troy

The Burning of Troy by Johann Georg Trautmann

The history fo the Atlantean began with the mythical Trojan War, a conflict between the Trojans and the Achaeans which resulted in the destruction of Troja and many of its small vassal cities. This was involved the direct intervention of the Greek Gods in which many took sides from one band and the other.   For the Achaeans they were assisted by the God Zeus, Hera, Athena, Hermes and Thetis.   For the Trojan side they were assisted by the God Poseidon, Apollo, Artemis, Aphrodite, Ares, Deimos, Eris, Leto, Phobos, Scamander and Simoeis.   After the eventual destruction of the Trojans, many of the survivor decided to go to the west in exile, a small portion, a small portion were able to travel into the danger of the Aegean sea, is in this point were one set of triremes holding about a thousand survivors got lost into the sea for about a whole month until finally stranding on the isle of Atlantis. This survivor discovered that the god Poseidon was the one responsible for these events and he did it in a way to protect them from the wrath of Zeus. Poseidon then struck a deal with the last meaning members of the Trojan royal family, in which a daughter of then would be given part of the powers of Poseidon in exchange for the worship to the loyal gods and the breaking of ties with all other traitor Gods.   After no less than twenty years building a new city on the newly named isle of Atlantis, a daughter of the royal family was born and as part of the prophecy, this Atlantean was named Helen as a reminder for the Atlantean about their history and where they came from. She had great powers and was considered a daughter of Poseidon. She would lead the isle for the next century building a prosperous civilization and starting the first even Atlantean Dynasty, The Poserios Dynasty.  

The Dynasties

The Poserios Dynasty (1000BC-900BC)


The first ever recorded dynasty of the Atlantean people, they ruled over the isle of Atlantis and established the bedrock for their eventual golden age.  
The Lysander Dynasty (900BC-700BC)


The Dynasty of Poserios seemed indisputable, after hundreds of years in power a rebellion formed once the isle started to become unfit to maintain the growing population. A civil war formed in the isle that ended in the end of the Poserios Dynasty and the enact of new expansionist traditions.  
The Spoudaíos Dynasty (700BC-500BC)


The throne found itself on a succession crisis caused by the dwindling royal family blood, civil war was inevitable and along side some settlements on the Iberian Peninsula the war ran across much of the Atlantean kingdom, but a lost branch of the Lysander was found, the Spoudaíos heir was backed by his Poseidon Blood that grant him powers alike the Father God of the Atlanteans.  
The Thycon Dynasty (700BC-500BC)


The Kingdom found itself in constant grow and it was now establishing relations with is old cousins the Greeks, and Phoenicians, the Carthaginians and the nomadic tribes of the pre-Celtic cultures that were mobilizing into the peninsula. Initially many of their relations were formal and based on trade, but soon conflict sparkled in between the Atlantean Kingdom and the Carthaginians, that ally with the pre-Celtic tribes wage a war for the lands of the peninsula. This dynasty was able to have a positive result on the initial stages of the war, primarily on sea battles but the intervention of the Celtic and Carthaginians demigods proved to be the decisive factor, most Atlanteans would be expelled from the Peninsula triggering a crisis that ended in the establishment of a new Dynasty.  
The Ennomus Dynasty (500BC-300BC)


The Atlanteans colonies at the peninsula had been taken and with that The Atlantean kingdom found itself in a dire situation, rather that continuing waving war, the king Ennomus decided to search for new lands, but lands that were empty, free of the touch of any man, this is how the Atlanteans decided to search for new islands across the seas, they considered themselves masters of the Ocean and the numbers of Children of Poseidon, Atlanteans with parts of the powers of the Father God were growing. Many of these individuals were granted high ranking titles on the Atlantean societies, many becoming generals and sea fares guiding the Kingdom into new lands, they ultimately found several isles on the North, today known as Iceland which they named Cepheus, they found one more island in the farther north and was named Corvus, in the south they found a set of isles that they named Phoenix, today they are known as the Canaries.   For many years this new lands granted the Atlantean colonizers new opportunities and set trade in all this new places, while these isles were poor in natural resources, some of the had grains of Iron and Bronze which help the economy grow even more. After a century the isles obtain self autonomy and once again war was inevitable.  
The Three Dynasties (300BC-100BC)
This is an historic period in which The Altantean Kingdom was divided in three parts, each holding a claim to the throne backed by a Children of Poseidon of great power, the Ennomus holding the seat of power in the isle of Atlantis. The Antianeira Dynasty controlling the Cepheus isle and the City of Corvus and the Pharetre Dynasty taking power at the Phoenix isles.   This era involved a series of small short lasting wars, alliances with other entities such as the ever expanding Romans, the Celts and Carthaginians, at some point regiments of the old cousins of the Atlanteans join at some side of the War, Spartans, Greeks, Thebes and specially Chorithians that send the most regiments. This help solidify an old tie between he old brother cultures that after almost a century of separation had come to bare arms side by side again.   This Period involved several conflicts such as the Punic Wars and the conquest of Rome to the Greeks, the end of this period did not come from one side winning but all three sides agreeing on an alliance in order to stop the ever advancing pace of the Romans that were able to surpass all odds and defeat all its enemies, the last remaining ones were the Atlanteans and they in turn decided to use their sea superiority to make sure to never suffer from any land invasion. This helped the Atlanteans to stay relevant and free from the expansionist Romans.   A new Dynasty was put in place and the remaining rebels were exile into the east were they would meet their end at the edge of the world.  
The Logos Dynasty (100BC-200AC)


One of the most stable Dynasties of the Atlanteans, the confederation status that the others cities had helped to stabilized the Kingdom and give a boost of progress and grow never seem before, its military forces also became the masters of the seas, becoming undisputed at the sea and helping solidifying their power by protecting their seat of power against exterior threats. During this period the Atlanteans had a fierce rivalry against the Romans that they saw in many ways as their counterparts and mortal enemies, they would progressively invade and raid Roman settlements across the Mediterranean sea.   In this period due to the heavy militarization the Kingdom was adopting, the title of the Zodiac Generals was created, the twelve more powerful children of Poseidon would be given the rank in order to lead the Atlanteans legions to protect the Kingdom and face against its enemies.   This Dynasty would come to an end when one of the Zodiac Generals, Helenus of Scorpio took power via a military coup and establishing a new Dynasty.    
The Erianos Dynasty (200AC-600AC)


The Erianos Dynasty was one of the most ever lasting Dynasties thanks to the firm grasp of power and various political marries the members of this family practice, securing any that at any major event or civil war that would threaten the Dynasty, there would be members of the Dynasty at each side.   This period saw the most warring period in Atlantean history, the Atlanteans were able to wage war against the declining Roman Empire being one of the major artifices of the fall of the Western Roman Empire allying themselves with some of the germanic tribes. They also see the reconquest of the Iberian Peninsula fighting the Visigoths that had occupied the Peninsula in the last couple centuries.   This dynasty would see and end ultimately due to the growing power of the Zodiac Generals that gain so much power, they ultimately held more power than the royal family and just as history repeating itself, a massive civil war broke in the Kingdom, severely crippling the Kingdom and broking it apart.  
The Great Decline (600AC-1000AC)
This was a period that followed shortly after the Dark Age of Europe, due to the collapsing of the Kingdom and the collapsing of the Roman Empire, the Atlantean found themselves becoming nothing more than squabbling cities states fighting each other and other regional powers over a slimmer of power.   In this period they were able to maintain close relations with the Byzantine Empire that they saw more like brothers rather than the Romans, since they spoke a very similar language. However, the Christianization of Europe would ultimately isolate the Atlanteans and would contribute to this decline.   In this period the Altanteans also meet themselves with a new maritime contender, the Vikings, powerful warriors that fight along side powerful Gods and a group of sea faring warriors that would conquer many lands across Europe, most notably Normandy and the British Isles. The Isle of Cepheus would be taken by the growing regional power of the Vikings but they would be able to hold onto Corvus.  
The Medon Dynasty (1000AC-1300AC)


After the Viking age would end a new hero would be born, Nerus a simple lowborn of the city of Atlantins would be the most powerfull children of Poseidon to date being able to unify all the cities and reestablishing the Kingdom of Atlantis once more. They would reconnect to their old allies the Byzantine Empire and would fight along side then in many of their most notable battles.   This Dynasty was thought to be the most prosperous and lasting one of the Kingdom so far but a sudden plague would rampage Europe killing one third of the total population and killing all the members of the Royal Family, the Dynasty would continue with one of the Zodiac Generals, Nirus of Aquarius, a relative of the Royal Family.  
The Nessus Dynasty (1300AC-1700AC)


The most notable and lasting Dynasty of the Atlantean Kingdom, due to various factors the Kingdom of Atlantis was able to grow and expand across the world, due to the fall of the Eastern Roman Empire, that marked the end of the Ancient Empire which the Kingdom of Atlantis had been fighting against and side by side during centuries, now only the Altanteans were the last remaining ancient empire left.   Once the Ottoman Empire rose to power and blocking the connections with the far east and the silk route, the new emerging powers of Europe saw an new opportunity to expand into new horizons, for that they would look for the favor of the Atlanteans in order to have maritime power in case of war and access to the best trade routes.   This lead the Atlanteans into a new era of super expansionism along side the other European powers, in this period they were able to stablish a new isle colony all across the world, they would decide to ally with the Portuguese and travel across Africa and the Indic sea to reach China and stablish a new silk route. Over the years, they established the colonies of Perseus, Lyra, Corona Vorealis, Pyxis, Hercules, Orion, Tucana, Equuleus, Cassiopeia, Lupus, Argo Navis and Draco.   The Kingdom of Atlantis transform into the Atlantean Empire and because many of their citizens were children of Poseidon with various degrees of power, they were able to sustains their massive over extending empire across the world with easy, their ships were the fastest ever and the people had a fiercely adopted a maritime culture and living style.   In this Period, while the new world was being explored, it was discovered that the exiles from the ancient era of the Three Dynasties had settled in the Caribbean sea, having a small maritime empire, they called themselves the Andromeda Empire and would for the next centuries become the greatest rivals of the Atlantean Empire despite their seemingly small size, this Empire peaked at the Pirate Age and was able to be free of the grasp and influence of the Atlantean Empire.   Although the Dynasty had established strong ties with the various European powers, marrying into many royal families of the time it would fall under a new branch due to a severe succession crisis and the dispute was settle by the different contenders in a battle to death showing who was the mos gifted by Poseidon.  
The Celtus Dynasty (1700AC-1800AC)


The Celtus Dynasty was a period of transition in which the Empire entered in a global stage adopting new cultures in their cities and territories due to the very spread and immersive nature of their empire, during this period a substantial civil war separating the Empire in three sides lead to a bankruptcy of the Monarchy which lead to the rise of an special middle class composed of Bankers and Investors.   Once the fervor of the French Revolutions spread over the Empire like wildlife the Empire experience a severe shaking in which the Monarchy would lost great parts of its influence over the Empire, adding to this the costly proxy wars that the Empire was having with the various Europeans powers of the time in places like Africa and Asia caused an event that almost ended the Monarchy in the Empire just like it has done in France.   By the end of the century the Royal Family had been taken out of power and the Empire was in absolute chaos, however the rise of one of the most popular Zodiac Generals was able to beat back many of the anarchy forces on many of the cities of the empires, Paris of Libra then decided to marry one of the last remaining members of the Royal family to have a legitimate claim to the throne.  
The Evenor Dynasty (1800AC-1945AC)




The Evenor Dynasty faces many challenges, for once they lost their title as kings of the seas due to the inevitable rise of the British Empire as undisputed super power of Europe, Although in this Period the Evenor Dynasty would unify with Andromeda and settle the colony of Pegasus it would also lost some of its other colonies due to the various proxy wars with other European Powers, the cities of Pyxis, Tucana and Equuleus and the Phoenix Isles would be given to the other European powers as war reparations.   The Monarchy established many new reforms in order to stop the growing sentiment of new ideals sweeping across the world such as democracy, socialism, capitalism, communism and even anarchy, the Monarchy end up instating the Aurora Council, modeled after the British Parliament, the different cities of the Empire would be given representation in the council and the Parliament would propose and enact new laws in the Empire.   This helped mitigate the situation but it was obvious that the influence of the royal family was lost and they were slowly becoming figures heads.   Once the World War One started the Dynasty saw this as an opportunity to gain influence over its people, the Zodiac Generals would mobilized in the war and would side with the Allies offering superiority at the seas. After winning the war the plan of the royal monarchy backfired, now the people of the Empire see them as useless and the red fervor grew even more, at the start of the World War Two, the Empire was divided, the influence of the red terror was penetrated deeply into the minds of its citizens and it would lead to probably the bloodiest civil war the Empire had ever experience, this war was so devastating that ended with the destruction of the city of Atlantis and the dead of the Royal Family.  
The Atlantean Free Cities (1945AC- Present)


During the second half of the twenty century the Atlantean Empire was no more and in turn there was only a handful of Atlantean city states, the Aurora Council intervene at once in order to prevent any more grow of the red terror and decided to rebuild the nation.   The Atlantean Empire would be replaced with the Atlantean Free Cities, thanks to the aid of the USA, many of its cities were able to rebuild after the devastating war and were in turn influence by democracy. The Nation would stabilized and would be declared a Guarded Nation by The League of Heroes due to their super human population, by this time, it was estimated that at least one million Atlanteans were Children of Poseidon or Super Humans.   Today the Atlantean Free cities are a booming nation reaching top 30 of global economies and many of its cities are popular truistic spots, the Atlantean Ruins although are considered a national heritages are now a booming touristic site for travelers across the world and a pilgrimage spot for the Atlanteans.

Historical Figures

Also known as the Father God, he was the one to lead the remaining survivors Trojans across the Mediterranean into the end of the world to protect them from the wrath of the God Zeus.
The first Child of Poseidon, she was known as the founder of the first Dynasty, the Poserios Dynasty and ruled the Isle for over well a century until his death, after her death many of her children submerged the isle into a civil war to battle for the control over the young Kingdom.
Lapyx of Ennomus
The King that led the Atlanteans in the period of the three Dynasty with more success.
Aesepus of Antianeira
A young man that established control over the Isle of Corvus and Cepheus, he would be considered by many as one of the greatest Children of Poseidon, he was so powerful many believe he could submerge Atlantis into the ocean.
Elymus of Pharetre
An old queen that was granted the control of the Phoenix Isles, she protect the isles against the tyranny of the Atlanteans and was loved by her people, despite her short reign, she would to become a mythical figure for the Atlantean people.
Nireus The Exile
After the war of the three Dynasties come to an official end, a small set of Atlanteans, mostly political figures were exile from the Kingdom and were sentence to sail west until facing their death at the edge of the world, Nireus would be their leader and would lead them until the new world centuries before it was discovered, in there Nireus established a new settlement and founded the city of Andromeda, this city would remain outside the knowledge from most of the European world until being finally discovered by the Nessus Dynasty.
Helenus of Scorpio
The Legendary Zodiac General that took the Kingdom via his might, although many considered his reign as not approved by the Gods, he would make one of the most prosperous and lasting dynasties.
Nerus of Medon
The Mythical Hero that united to broken Kingdom, he was a super powerful Children of Poseidon, thought to be the reincarnation of the Father God himself.
Nirus of Aquarius
After the Black Death had swiped over Europe, it severely hit the Atlantean Kingdom as well, eliminating most of the Royal Family, however, Nirus, a Zodiac General was descendant of the Medon and was to keep guiding the Kingdom.
Nestor Of Andromeda
Was the King of the Andromeda Kingdom, he reigned during the Pirate Golden Age, he would give the Atlantean Empire most of its biggest defeats in their history and would have an importance political power in the Caribbean sea with the new colonizing powers.
Paris of Libra
An heroic Zodiac General that saved the Kingdom from collapsing after the fervor of the French Revolution has ran across Europe. He married the Royal Family to maintain a legitimate claim to the throne.
Helenus of Evenor
Also known as the last King of Atlantis, he was the last monarch to hold power over the Atlanteans. he was just a child when the World War One started and enjoy the spoils of the victory but it was futile since the red terror had penetrated the Empire and caused a massive civil War that ultimately destroyed the Royal Family and the City of Atlantis.
Tide Master
The first Atlantean to achieve high ranked at the The League of Heroes, he would take the mantle of a super hero and move around the world battling several Super Villains, he would retired in 2000.  

Common Myths and Legends

The Atlantean Pantheon

As descendants of the Ancient Greeks, the Atlantean held onto many of their customs and beliefs as well as sharing a lot of their mythology, however, they stuck a deal with the God Poseidon in which they would worship him and never look upon the Traitor gods or the Gods that took part in the side of the Achaeans. The Atlantean Pantheon is composed of Twelve Major Gods and a plethora of minor ones. The major ones are:
  • Poseidon: Also known as the Father God, Ruler of the Seas and Patron of the Atlanteans.
  • Apollo: God of various aspect, primarily the sun, illnesses, prophecies, music and free love.
  • Artemis: Goddess of the moon, stars and fierce hater of men, she is the patron of young ladies.
  • Aphrodite: Goddess of beauty, passionate love and patron of engaged ladies.
  • Ares: God of War and Tragedy, he gain a lot of popularity when the Zodiac Generals were established, Patron of Soldiers.
  • Deimos: God of Tragedy, pain and suffering, usually the counter side of Ares, the horrible and painful result of war.
  • Eris: Goddess of Chaos and Discord, known to be a powerful sorceress.
  • Leto: The Titaness of Forget, she was the remainder to the Atlanteans to never worship to Traitor Gods.
  • Phobos:God of fear and horror, usually resembled to the far lands and miseries of the deep seas.
  • Scamander and Simoeis : Both were Gods of the Troyan Rivers, once in the Atlantean Pantheon, they became the Gods of all inland bodies of waters and shared the title together, they are considered as one deity.
  • Hestia: Goddess of home, motherly love and humbleness. Patron of the lowborn.
  • Eros: God of the reciprocated love, of partners and trust.


Non official flag of the Atlantean people.
Council of Aurora
Guarded Nations
The League of Heroes

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