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Pegasus Guard

The Pegasus Guard are the elite defenders of the Terios crown. They derive their name from their use of Pegasi as mounts. Altough not all of the guard have their own Pegasus everyone can eventually get one by advancing in rank. The guards are chosen for their bravery and loyalty to the realm and should not have any incriminating transgression in their past. Otherwise they run the risk of a pegasus resisting them since these noble and intelligent creatures don't let just anyone ride them.   According to the myth the founder of the Pegasus Guard was the brother of an ancient Terian prince. When these two brothers were on a hunt together they encountered a manticore. The horse of the prince was killed by the needles of the manticore after which the prince became stuck under it. His brother did not hesitate, charged at the manticore and managed to kill it with a heavy thrust of his spear. The god Atmisan was impressed by this bravery and awarded the brother by blessing both him and his horse which was changed into a pegasus.   The building they live in is rather simple in comparison to the rest of the Anchia district but still has many comforts. The largest part of the headquarters is taken in by the stables which are 5 stories high. Most of the time however the pegasi are outside since they do not attempt to flee.



The preferred weapons of the Pegasus Guard are spears because according to the founding myth this was the weapon that had slain the manticore. Besides this weapon they also have a shortsword and a shield with the pegasus emblem on it. Their armor exists out of a splendidly decorated breastplate and a helmet with mane like extensions from the top to the back made from colored feathers.


The leader of the Pegasus Guard is called the captain or the Enteria. The rank below the Enteria is called the Iridana of which there are five. Each of the Iridana has five subordinates that are called Pegasinara. These ranks are the only one that have their own pegasus. The lower ranks are mainly used as regular elite guards and are a common sight in the palace and Anchia district. They are just called pegasus guards and are 750 in total. They are divided into groups of 30 with one of the Pegasinara as their leader. About 500 of them are not present in Golandon but are placed in the others cities and regions.


To get into the Guard a candidate has to be in good physical condition and have a good moral character. In order to be a nominated to enter the Guard the candidate has to climb the ranks of the regular army. After proving themselves in battle they could be chosen by one of the Pegasinara if they were already of high enough rank. After joining the guard the candidates go through a rough training to perfect their combat skills.   Once a guard has become of high enough rank their training mainly includes learning to fly with a pegasus. This takes some time and it does sadly occur that one of the guards meets an early death if they do not manage to control their pegasus.
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