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Osric Balder

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

He has very long, curled, gray hair and green eyes. He is rather fat and uses his quarterstaff to rest on while standing. Oscric likes to wear dark blue robes contoured with gold patterns. Under his ropes he wears normal white clothes however. His staff is made of dark oak and his focus is also attached to the top of it and looks like two small steel wings. Across his staff the same metal is used to show a geometric shapes.  Around his neck he has a necklace with a clay figure of a foot which signifies his recovery from a foot injury.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

This halfling originates from Hadron, a city famous for it's temple to the goddess of health Aferia. Before his service to this goddess Oscric was studying to become a wizard. However during this time another student caused a fire in the living quarters. Osric managed to ge out of the building but not before a large burning wooden beam fell on him. His foot was in a bad condition after this event so he looked for healing in the temple. He quickly recovered and became a follower of Aferia himself. Aferios granted him the power of divine sorcery for his devotion. Since then Osric took it upon him to heal wherever he could. During the recent war he contributed heavily near the frontline. Helping the survivors of Savi was perhaps his hardest job up until that point and made him question if he should do more besides healing to help to improve the world. He helped Darlahne and Alessa recover here and after a lot days of spending time together they decided to form an adventuring group. This group would become known as the Azure Defenders after Nimble and Emilio joined.
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

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