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Darlahne Evoryn

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Darlahne is a female Half-Elf. She has long blond hair that is kept in one long braid. Her right ear was severly pierced on the top by a arrow. Only half of her right hear remains because of this unfortunate event.

Apparel & Accessories

Her armor is mostly leather with only her shoulders covered with metal. Her pauldrons still have the sigil of Savi on them (tree on a hill).

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Darlahne is the daughter of a High Elf man and a Human. Several years before the war her father left Mervidel since he was opposed to the current rule. As he had been part of the Arcane Bows section of the army he managed to find use for his skills rather quickly. During this time he got stationed at Savi as part of the local watch and advanced quickly through it's ranks. After a while he met his wife and 3 years later their daughter Darlahne followed. From her father Darlahne learned the arts of Arcane Marksmanship and completed her training to be a soldier as well. This all quickly ended when the war started. Her father was ordered to join the Terios main army in an attempt to cut off Mervidel forces from any reinforcements. During this battle her father had proven himself which earned him a position in the Pegasus Guard after the war. Meanwhile in Savi, Darlahne was forced to defend the town against the Mervidel army. Seeing that it was hopeless she managed to help with the evacuation of several people. However during their escape an arrow managed to hit her right ear wich caused it to be mostly ruined. Several other wounds almost caused her to collapse but she managed to get away in time.   After their escape she met Osric Balder who healed several of her wounds. Among the other injured was Alessa whith whom she started talking a lot as well about trying to improve the world they were living in. Together they would later become part of the Azure Defenders.
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

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