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Learning our place in the cosmos is a never ending quest but a worthy one nonetheless. How far have we come from the times when we thought that the sky was only a dome over the world. Since the start of the Progressive Era we have learned much and will continue to do so. Our advances in astronomy thanks to the improved telescopes are significant. From my own observatory I love to look at the stars and planets and imagine what wonders can be found there.
— High Sage Syronikir
  Over the centuries the theories about the universe have changed many times. However, with the advances in astronomy many theories were either invalidated or proven. Most importantly all scientists now agree that Niorath and the other planets have orbits around the sun.   Something that is still up for debate is if the sun is actually a star. Some scientists say that stars are just further away and therefore less bright. But in their case the assumption is made that the stars have the same brightness as the sun which is not accepted by everyone. Those who do not support this theory still assume that the stars orbit the sun but at a greater distance. In any case everyone agrees that at least Nervonia is closer to Niorath than other stars.  


  Chaos magic is feared and seen as the reason for many cataclysmic events in the world. The source of the Primal Chaos itself is located in Nervonia, a large nebula like celestial object which can be seen at certain periods of the year. It is believed that the Elemental and Celestial Realms can also be found here, protecting the rest of the universe against anything that comes out of the Primal Chaos.   At some point there were portals to the nebula and the realms within it but no active ones are known to exist today. A few people think, however, that it would be possible to fly towards it as an alternative.   Nervonia is, however, not only home to the Primal Chaos but also to other Realms. The first area one would pass through are the Elemental Realms filled with many separate realms each affected by specific elements. In general everyone agrees that they are scattered throughout Nervonia, but the exact form of the realms is a source of disagreement.   The region where the Gods reside is thought to be the Celestial Realms at the very center of Nervonia. They form a barrier around the Primal Chaos to limit its influence.  
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Solar System

  The solar system in which Niorath is located exists out of 5 planets of which Niorath is the second. Before the increase in astronomical research a century ago the exact paths of these planets were unkown altough the existence of some planets was known since ancient times.  


  Muatune was only recently discovered (50 years ago) by the use of an improved telescope currently residing in the observatory in Kevarim . Due to it's close proximity to the sun most astronomers think this planet is likely barren.  


  Niorath is the home of all known species. It has various different biomes with more desert and jungle region in the central regions. The known continents are Farlis, Pavenor, Oneraga, Avak'am and Idravil.  


  Sareg is the planet closest in proximity to Niorath and is thought to be possibly habitable to life. If this is actually the case remains to be determined as no telescope is able to actually see the surface.    


  This planet is a gas giant and is one of the brightest objects in the night sky. As the largest object besides the sun in the solar system it has been studied quite early in history. In the beginning the inhabitants of Niorath could only discern it's Blue color and strange patterns. In the recent centuries however astronomers managed to discover about 5 moons around Rabevin. Most of them seem to be barren but this is still not certain due to the lack of sufficient tools. Researchers are still developing magical improvements to telescopes to confirm their hypotheses.  


  This planet is also a planet which was only discovered in recent decades although a bit earlier than Muatune (82 years). Currently the only knowledge about the planet is that it's large, white and has rings. Oneragan astronomers however have discovered that it has a solid surface.    
Geography of Niorath
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This is still a work in progress. Only the basic information of the planets is shown. A map of the solar system also still needs to be drawn.

Cover image: Nervonia by Gam-Ol on pixabay


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