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Forest People

Forest People/Woodland People

Forest people that live from the Drak wood forests to below the mountion and egde of the rivers. After the war one of the big towns from the forest fall once a point in the middle for the Forest People and people of Plains. many of the Forest People hurry the plains people for killing their town. After the war many when to the Dark wood forest more than before. Forest People live to build, they take care in what they make to be strong and art of it. Forest people are say to first come from the west and dring from the danger of the neighbours or they wanted find new land in a better spot. After the Bloodly war the Forest People spead out more in the Dark Wood Forest and Stormy Forest more to get a way from the Plains from fear of another war end wosrt. The Forest people tried to end the Blood war by showing them the old Silverbreak burned and the hunted land by their hunger where people of all lands lived. Many are people always been unsure of many things of the Forest People like how close their culture is to each other even through distance keep very simle to outsides. From their love of art many tell stories of the lands from all over if they like the stroy even if its not true.

Their buildings:

Most of thier building made from Dark Wood, black stone, gray stone and painted stone for the roofs. There like to have blue, red and purple roof sometime green or orange. Forest People like to like to build the building strong and stand out. This high standed is used on furniture, food and their aimanls. Something with building the show the clans mark on their building which can be mostly on the warriers rooms, building or importion place in the area. Many of them like good art and high quality and furniture that will last years to come through fires, floods and wars

East Forest People:

Silverbreak was the first town to the all the west forests including the wet lands north near by the river. East Forest is the biggest forest in the areas. From the river to the botton of the mountain and the wet land to the north. Many behive the East Forest People was finded later after the Wast Woodlands. Before the Blood War the town of Silverbreak was making an future of all the people in the area from the forest, river, wetlands and the plains it was a gold mine for all. It helped many from homeless and starvation but even after the fall of Silverbreak the areas around. It never falled into the hard ship of the old days. The Blood War made it hard for them where so many feared falling into poverty again making them fight harder. After the Blood War many moved into the Dark Wood Forest and Stormy Forest or even joining the wetlands and the river people. The people who used to live in Silverbreak and the areas with no house or a way to live on the land became The losted they move into the forests more for safey from the plains and their army. Many of the people was taken in by the Dark Wood Forest becasue the Stormy Forest had many of their only coming in for help.

Dark Wood Forest:

After the war many when to this forest for safe from the blood thirsty east. Many of the Forest People used the Drak wood to build, sell and cafted with the wood. This production was higher after the war but there never took too much. The black stone and grey stone was harvest more, with the wood they was used to rebuild houses for the losted. They started to fram in the forest more after the war. They only used the land there needed to lived, sometimes hunted some wild life. A common plant grow in frams was Sugar Wheat which was used to make many types of food, to sell and beer. Thier beer is sweet and health for them. After the bloody War ended the Dark Wood Forest started to grow back after being burned where the old Silverbreak was. Many of the losted moved to here and th Stormy Forest, making the Dark Wood Forest more populated making a house boom and building had boom too. This help them recoved more from the war for taking the losted more. Unlike before the rise of Silverbreak where many poeple was poor and have nothing from the wars in their land. Now they have more man power, supplies and equipment to defence and build on their land it help better then just simple tribesmen and woman getting along with it given them more of a change to make want they want and hear stroies from travellers to tell other. But this land also has its own damges
Plants and animals

Stormy Forest:

The forest near the river and south of Silverbreak, it was closer to the town then the Dark Wood Forest. One quarter of the forest was brun down. Now making the Dark Wood Forest the closest to the old town of Silverbreak. Here they have both Dark Wood, Gray Wood and Orange Wood more toward the north of the forest. After the war the forest was half the size than it was. This hurt the rare orange wood tree but they are getting it back into the forest. Many now farm cattle on the burned land while trying to grow it up. After the lost of the lost of the biggest town in the area the forest loss a lot of money. Which make them turn to fire manipulation and water if they can learn it. After the Blood War they took in some of the Losted from the war came but not too much was taken in, only what they had room for.


Silverbreak was the first for the north. Silverbreak was a strong and biggest town for the Forest People it was a trabe hub. Where Forest people come to find and trabe new things. They was know as the best builds and builder, they had a high amount of resources for build, weopons, tools and transport. The people who lived in this town help defence the west in the war. The Forest poeple was the most common people living in the city. During war many River and Plains people live in the live pick up arms and killed thier people. The town was forced into a war which ended up making them become losted. But now, years later many want to rebuild Silverbreak into something better then before. Silverbreak was the started of something for the area making them more united some even the ones near the didn't want to fight them.

The losted:

The losted is term from the Forest People for anyone who has beedn push out from war most common Forest People and River, Plains people who live in Silverbreak. The Forest People never called them losted to be mean in their eye, even if they originated from River and Plains area for as long as the fight or helped defenre the forest area they was well respected by the Forest People sometime getting houses build for free to repay them. Many of the losted joined other clans and towns to share their ways. Many of them was lift with nothing and families with no homes

West Woodland/forest People:

They are closed to the Jungles but not quid. Some say they are more part of a Jungles areas but they don't have the tall trees as they do. They have a mix of Jungle and forest building because they don't have everything of the jungle and forest. Also where the Ghostly Gum lays in highest population and the Blood Wood in both Royal Tiger Woodland and the jungle area sometime leaking into the Butternut Woodland. Same say the East Woodland was the first Forest people came from the old names of the Woodland.  

Royal Tiger Woodland:

The land where the Blood wood lays a lands of war. They say the tree the Dark Wood trees turn blood red after a long ago battle from the first people living on this land or the Cow Wood just turned red long ago. You can find Ghostly Gum, Dark Wood, Blood Wood, Tiger tree and Cow Wood in this woodland. With thier many types of tree in the woodland this makes their building more different. A river off shot comes down through the middle of the two Woodlands. This the where you can find the most Tiger trees.

Butternut Woodland:

The name was said to remind the old people of ancient plant or vegetable something like that. The woodlands is mostly a orange, yellow and some sometime green yellow colours plants too. This Woodland has the highest amount of Ghostly Gum. But on the boader of the Woodland lays more mixer of wood types from Dark Wood, Blood Wood and the Cow Wood. The river is north east of the Woodland breach coming down to the two Woodland in the middle.

Thick Chestnut Rainforest

They are the people around the Great South Dragonfly Lake. They follow both the Forest people and lake people ways of live but many say most are from the Woodlands from their almost the same love for art and quality but they only used whats near them but something will use other self made from other forest lands. A lot of them have mix in with the people who live in the lake area learning same culture and giving their culture back too. They are always strong in the ways of the Forest People love for art and quality unlike most other areas who thinks its weird. But this land help the thory that all forest people came from the Woodlands or did they really come from there.

Their Power and Skills

They have high amount of element power and some very of skills. Each clan has their only powers and way of fighting. They are one of the higher vary of different element in one area. Their different ways in fight helped deferne their land making them take the long way around the west forest area after the fall of Silverbreak in the Blood War.


From living in forest and wood lands they used the many woods type in this land. They also use the stone and drys around thier areas they live in. The flowers in the are used to make dry in building and weopons. Dark Wood trees are from the west most commonly in the Dark Wood Forest, sometimes in the Stormy Forest and in the Woods to the east. They tread to be care of not over taking, so they can keep glowing well.


In battle the used the forests and woods to make their army bigger and stronger then what they are. The west forests was used to defene the Plains off dring the war. Their strongest fighters are trained to fight with all different weopons and high trained in their element. They can make their army looked bigger.


Many behived that the East Woodland was the first Forest people but many don't know why they are Forest People not Woodland People. But many called than forest land not Woodland. many of the Forest People came to the west for the stories of the hidden forest in the west to start a new life. The link between all the Forest People are showed in the building and how they love to build and make something strong. At the very less the Forset People came from one place for their very similar way of life from their building to way they tread the land but there is some different between the west and the East Forest People. They become more powerful in element powers from their connet to the land and the respect to gain it's power.


Art & Architecture

They love showing the natrue colour of the building support and will rarely colour it unless it's a roof.


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