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Sunset Stone

Found in several places in Nideon, Sunset Stone is a translucent stone with a slight purple hue which is used primarily for making lamps.


Material Characteristics

Sunset stone, so called for its slight purple hue, is a translucent crystal. It is a relatively hard stone and does not scratch easily. It is usually shiny, and therefore it was originally used decoratively, or sometimes as currency. Properly cut, it can channel light like a magnifying glass. In nature, it is usually found in cubic and rectangular shapes. While the sides of these cubes are smooth, the edges can be rather sharp.

Physical & Chemical Properties

In 1205, it was discovered that Sunset Stone was particularly responsive to magic, light magic in particular. When filled with light, Sunset Stone would glow brighter than other stones and hold the spells for a longer time. Wizards also found that it was particularly easy to attach some form of switch to these stones by scratching patterns into them which could activate a light spell through a trigger, including music or touch. Later, wizards learned to string these spells together to create wall switches. These technological advancements made sunset lamps available around the world, though still expensive as the stone itself, while one of the more common gemstones, is still rare.

Geology & Geography

The largest deposit of Sunset Stone is found in Ursul, though smaller deposits are found on all three continents.

History & Usage


Sunset Stone was originally used as a currency in the areas in which it was more abundant, such as Ursul. It was also used in international trade, and for jewelry and other decorations. After 1205, when a group of wizards tested its magical properties and found that it was particularly good at holding light, its primary use was lamps, usually called sunset lamps, after the stone.
translucent purple

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