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Short Rests

  You may take up to 2 Short Rests between each Long Rest.  

Long Rests

  In preparation for the launching of our travel system and to adapt to the evolving nature of solos, long resting in solo sessions has changed and is as follows (this may continue to change as the traveling system is more defined).   You may take 1 Long Rest for free (without interruption) between each quest. To long rest during a quest or to take additional long rests between quests, complete either of the following:
  • Performed a survival check with a DC determined by the region you are in to find a campsite
  • Discovered a settlement using the !travel alias and paid 2gp for a room at an inn; can only adventure outside the settlement up to half your travel speed if you want to rest at the same settlement

Survival Check DC to Find a Campsite

Terrain DC Precipitation
Forest 6 !heydm is it precipitating? unlikely
Coastal 8 !heydm is it precipitating? average
Desert 8 !heydm is it precipitating? no way
Grassland 8 !heydm is it precipitating? unlikely
Hills 6 !heydm is it precipitating? unlikely
Subterranean 10 !heydm is it precipitating? impossible+
Swamp 12 !heydm is it precipitating? average
Mountain / Ice Steppe 14 !heydm is it precipitating? average


  Use the !heydm likelihood listed above.   If it's raining, do you have a tent? If not, you can attempt to construct a bivouac by making another survival check; adjusting the above DC by 3. On a failure, you cannot camp there for the night.  

No Campsite?

  If the player fails to find a campsite, they can attempt to rest anyway, but you are at risk of two things happening: you are interrupted or you are unable to complete a long rest, gaining only the benefits of a short rest instead.
  • Increased likelihood of being disturbed based on how poor your roll was
  • You may not get a full rest which may result in you only getting a short rest rather than a long rest (!heydm do I still get to long rest? unlikely)


  You can continue travelling, which will result in a singular d100 roll to see whether you encounter something. For every roll of 25 and below, you have an !table wilderness encounter. After travelling for this amount of time (a mile or two), you can roll to find a campsite again.  

Disturbances While Sleeping

  Make a !heydm am i interrupted? <likelihood> roll to determine whether your PC is disturbed while asleep (!heydm help! for command help). Adjust likelihood modifier according to population area, and how much you aced the Survival check by.   For example, Leytra, an elven ranger, got a 15 on his survival check (DC 10) to find a camp. He then makes a !heydm am i interrupted? very unlikely roll. This modifier was determined based on the table below; Leytra did well on the survival check, finding a nice, secluded campsite. If the answer is yes, Leytra is disturbed while resting.   If you are interrupted, run the !camp command to find out what wakes you.  
  A successful survival check results in a decreased likelihood of interruption. If I beat the DC by 2 or 3, it is unlikely that I'll be interrupted.
  • !heydm am i interrupted? unlikely
  A failed survival check results in an increased likelihood of interruption. If I fail the DC by 2 or 3, it is likely that I'll be interruped.
  • !heydm am i interrupted? likely
Survival +/- DC Modifier (Skill Check Passed) Modifier (Skill Check Failed)
0-1 !heydm am i interrupted? average !heydm am i interrupted? somewhat likely
2-3 !heydm am i interrupted? unlikely !heydm am i interrupted? likely
3-5 !heydm am i interrupted? very unlikely !heydm am i interrupted? very likely
6-8 !heydm am i interrupted? no way !heydm am i interrupted? near sure thing
9+ !heydm am i interrupted? impossible !heydm am i interrupted? sure thing

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