This is a virus that only affects Valnato species. it is cold that turn part body to stone.

Transmission & Vectors

It is an airborne disease spread throughout a sneezing, coughing,  talking, touching, and all of the types of physical contact. Only is able to be transmitted by their plasma form.


  • Sneezing
  • Coughing
  • Chills
  • Headache
  • Cooling down pats of body
So the worse part this virus is cooling down different part of body. When one of their body get colder than 70 degrees. That part of their body reverts to its stone form. When that happens, it messes with how their body is functioning. Circulation faster in their plasma form runs pretty fast, where in their stone form circulation is slower. Now when this happens, it can cause a number of problems depending on the body part that has reverted to its stone form and it’s a lot worse if he’s an internal organ. They say she was a two different circulations it will cause a form of clots and their body to start the decay or have other problems. There are far too many two lists but all them could cause them to lose body parts or death.


So the frist thank you want to do if you get to or make it as cold possible. We know you fell like heat up but sonner you in stone frome the less like for body harm or death.

The next to do is get to medical facility. There they can trite with medication and treat the infected area. Because it can only cure in the plasma frome but before the cure work it do body dame or kill. So while they cure they mechanically circulate your body parts that are affected and try to keep them in functioning order.


It starts off like any other basic cold sniffles and congestion. After, a while they will start to feeling cold spots in random body parts. Where eventually the body thinks it is cold in that certain spot and reverse to its stone form.


If you have any cold like symptoms refer to your stone form and until you get a med scan of yourself. When you find out what's variant of coal it is please take a proper procedures. If it Freezfication head to nearest medical facility and stay in your stone form
Affected Species


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