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Nailara is a sword and sorcery setting primarily made for D&D 5e and FATE campaigns. It is designed with cultures that spread across multiple species rather than every species having a specific and insular society.   This wiki is written from the point of view of historians and scholars of the world. These articles are the accepted facts and combined knowledge of the public, from widely known, to painfully local. What is true, however, is for players to discover   The alignment system was ignored in the development of Nailara, and characters and organizations were written to be flawed and imperfect. The setting contains fewer purely 'good' or 'evil' forces, though they do exist. Motivations of characters are more emotion based than straightforward problem-solution, and fewer characters are willing to die for a cause.   I use this as a wiki for my campaigns, so if a region seems much more detailed than others, it is likely because I have run a campaign in that area.