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Children of Oblivion

The Children of Oblivion is a death cult who worships whatever lies in store for souls after death. They are a secretive organization, banned in most modern nations, but are most active in the Cradle, and Southern Aisoa east of Holter.

Mythology & Lore

The Children of Oblivion believe that when a creature dies and their souls are correctly guided to the afterlife by Psychopomps or simple lack of interference, the soul is admitted into the next stage of existence.   They find necromancy and immortality deplorable, as it can tie souls to the material plane, where they will never achieve ascendance. While their beliefs are not entirely incompatible with many other religions, their zealotry in achieving their own ascendance and forcing it upon others marks them as extremists even to the most open.   They have been known to commit massacres and ritual sacrifices in order to save others from potentially having their souls snatched by demons or gods.

Divine Origins

It is unclear when the Children of Oblivion congealed into a formalized organization, but the concepts they espouse can be found throughout history as part of various different religions. The cult surged in popularity in the 3910 EC, and has been gradually recruiting since then.

Granted Divine Powers

The Children of Oblivion are notable for their lack of clerics, due to a lack of patron gods to grant them powers. Nonetheless, as worshippers of a general concept, this has not slowed their growth by much.   The Children of Oblivion seem to have a tentative alliance with Psychopomps. While some psychopomps seem to agree with their extremism, not all condone them ending the lives of mortals prematurely, as long as their souls are eventually guided to the afterlife.   Some of the Children of Oblivion's rituals are watched over by psychopomps, who collect the souls immediately to guide them to the afterlife.

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