Rena Romano


Rena is independent, diplomatic enough to be perceived as friendly by acquaintances, but aloof enough to be seen as collected and cold by outsiders. She is driven to unique locations and whatever subjects of study pique her interests, and she desires freedom from societal and familial expectations. Alongside these traits, Rena genuinely has the capacity to be cold; to encroach too deeply past her boundaries is to evoke callousness and avoidance from her.  


Diplomatic., Collected and cool (in the sense of being calm).  


Rena was raised in a well-off family with considerable assets and grand plans for her life. Plans that she had no say in. Seeking to capitalize off their children, her parents urged her into her intended role: receiving a basic education and being married off in attempt to forge a loose "alliance" between businesses. Her younger brother, whom she was quietly jealous of, was intended to be the heir of their own family estate. Considering her innate curiosity and independent drive, Rena loathed her situation. To this day, she tries to avoid her family, even if she feels a sense of guilt for abandoning her brother in particular.  


Rena is an academic—a self-assigned researcher, in theory—because of her curiosity and her drive to be free from her family. Originally, she pushed to attend college as a form of escape, but she quickly discovered a love for literature, folktales, and early psychology, which she gravitated toward studying. She is content with her job and, when she can, uses it to travel to notable locations and known sites of inspiration for novels and legends.  


Rena is skeptical toward organized religion; it was used as a form of control in her family. However, she has a wavering belief in spirits, suspecting that a form of one might have haunted her childhood. She is open to the possibility of the occult existing and secretly hopes this is the case so she could study them, but she has seen no evidence outside fables for their existence.  


  • Liberation - To free the self and/or others from perceived captivity or enslavement: Rena is driven by a desire to for independence and to avoid the controlling grasp of her family. She will go to great lengths to avoid any relatives older than herself, even moving out to developing towns states away to do so. She is also a supporter of women's suffrage, seeking to carve out a more equal place in the world for herself and others.
  • Discovery/Adventure - To explore, uncover mysteries, and pioneer: Rena is very curious and invested in her line of work. She enjoys seeing new places, reading new literature, and analyzing the psychological, political, and location-based influences behind them.


  • Accomplishment most proud of: Rena is most proud of having attended a small number of women's suffrage conventions. She has not made any notable academic breakthroughs, but her attendance at the conventions gives her the sense that she is making a difference.
  • Most ashamed about: It isn't a single moment that haunts Rena, rather a culmination of multiple. Rena feels deep shame when her work is received poorly or her intellectual capacity is doubted, no matter whether the cause is valid.
  • Fears more than anything: Rena fears the confines of the life that were intended for her: to be trapped in domesticity, trapped in ignorance, and trapped in a relationship.
  • Secrets kept: Rena prefers men's fashion, but the social repercussions of wearing it would be too damaging to her lifestyle. She also loathes to speak of the supposed spirit from her childhood, fearing for her reputation as an intellectual.
  • Last time they wept: Rena last wept several weeks prior due to the build up of repressed stress from her own and outside expectations.


  • Friends: Rena is reclusive, but she does keep contact with a number of fellow academics that she would consider friends. She will also befriend others where she lives, even if temporarily, for some sense of support and entertainment. Her fellow academics would describe her as distant but kind, someone more than happy to teach you the nuances of her current subject of interest just so she could have a discussion with you about them, but not someone you would expect to confide your secrets to.
  • Romance: Rena is single, but she certainly isn't looking. In fact, perhaps due to her family and perhaps due to her own innate inclinations (she isn't sure herself), she is avoidant of romance. She had a history of going to great lengths to minimize interaction with the men her family sought to introduce her to, from faking illness to exaggerating repulsive aspects of her own personality to dissuade them.
  • Role Model: Rena looks up to other female graduates and pioneers, such as Elizabeth Bragg, because they embody the excellence and pioneering mindset that she values.


(Now that I know the character better, I would like to change the memento to the scruffy cat on the list.) Her cat is a silver tabby maine coon, and his name is Argent. She found him as a malnourished alley cat while in the process of moving to Munson and took him in. The cat serves as a source of adorable companionship in her otherwise reclusive-leaning life.  


The spirit that haunts Rena originally belonged to her family estate. It started out as a mere ghost story told by her family, but the longer she lived, the more potentially paranormal experiences she had, and the more she began to believe it. Perhaps it is merely her imagination, but she could swear it does mundane things for her on occasion—remove a stain from clothing, turn a page in a book to the source she needed, and the like. Realistically, it could be a spirit, it could be a strange Vaesen, or it could simply be luck.  


Book collection, writing utensils, slide rule.


Rena Romano

Kindred spirit

Towards Celia Hooker


Celia Hooker

Kindred spirit

Towards Rena Romano



Rena quickly found a kindred spirit in Celia Hooker. As a fellow suffragist, the two have much in common, and Rena admires Celia's resolve and political knowledge. Though the two have different focuses, Celia on physical labor and Rena on academics, Rena respects the hard, independent work that Ms. Hooker does.

Rena Romano


Towards Rhoda Pitcher


Rhoda Pitcher


Towards Rena Romano



Rhoda Pitcher is another individual Rena was quickly drawn to. As someone with a fascination with folklore that she shares and plenty of writing for her to review, Rena regards Rhoda and her work with interest. She often finds herself visiting the Black Horse Tavern to hear Rhoda's stories.

Rena Romano


Towards Calvin Packard


Calvin Packard


Towards Rena Romano



Rena heard of Calvin Packard's antics through Celia Hooker, and the academic quickly developed a disdain for the man before ever laying eyes on him. After one two many meetings with him, she is filled with a sense of agitation; he reminds her of the beliefs her family attempted to impose on her.


Physique: 2
Precision: 3
Logic: 5
Empathy: 4


Agility (+ PHY): 1 + 2
Close combat (+ PHY): 0 + 2
Force (+ PHY): 0 + 2
Medicine (+ PRE): 1 + 3
Ranged combat (+ PRE): 0 + 3
Stealth (+ PRE): 1 + 3
Investigation (+ LOG): 2 + 5
Learning (+ LOG): 2 + 5
Vigilance (+ LOG): 2 + 5
Inspiration (+ EMP): 1 + 4
Manipulation (+ EMP): 1 + 5
Observation (+ EMP): 1 + 5


Knowledge is Reassuring



Resources: Financially stable
Memento: Bloodstained promissory note.
Advantage: Ever since she was a child, Rena suspected a spirit followed her. Usually, it is an inconvenience, but sometimes it helps her.


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