Evelyn Valentine


Evelyn is a beautiful, younger woman with a dazzling smile and a reserved but confident demeanor. She wants to find answers to what happened to her father, and she relies heavily on the townspeople to help her figure out the missing pieces. Her sister is all she has left, and she will protect her at all costs. She does not like violence but will resort to it if needed. She likes to keep her work private and trusts the men of the town to keep quiet.  


Charming, Sweet  


She has a younger sister, Alice, who she helped to raise and who she currently lives with. Their home life was typical and loving, with their dad being the cornerstone of their middle to upper class economic status, working at the town shipyard. Evelyn's mother was the most loving, tender woman in the town until the accident. Everything then changed when Evelyn was 17. With her dad being taken and ripped apart in a corner of the shipyard, her mother was never the same, and took her own life a year later. Evelyn was forced to resort to find other sources of income besides helping at the tavern to keep afloat, and although struggling, is able to put food on the table for Alice and her.  


Evelyn is a vagabond, which means she knows how to manipulate people into getting what she wants. Whether its due to pity for her parents dying or due to her charm and smile is unknown, but she certainly has a way of getting escorted to the Seneca Hotel late at night and returning to her home in the morning with a pretty penny. She works at the tavern, tending to customers and bringing them everything they need or helping set up for Rhoda Pitcher's or Blind Francis Bickford's shows. This is where she hears all about the happenings of the town, and gains intel about lonely men needing some quality time or about vaesen and the mysterious occurrences around town. Evelyn became a vagabond after her parents' death, needing to learn how to manipulate people in order to survive. Although it's not the life she dreamed of, she's happy she gets to provide for her sister and that she is informed about everyone in town.  


Evelyn prays for her safety when she goes out with a new man, but has no real affiliations with any religion, not after the accident. She believes there must be an afterlife, or if there isn't an afterlife, in being reincarnated as something or someone different. Spirits exist in everyone and they help guide a person's life journey. She believes in the occult, because why else did her father die?  


  • Discovery/Adventure - To explore, uncover mysteries, and pioneer: Evelyn wants to understand what caused her father's death. Her mom became practically mute after his passing, so she assumes her mother knew everything but didn't explain in order to protect her and her sister. There's no easily explainable cause of death, so she must explore the town, talk to everyone and gain information from them to put the pieces together.
  • Recognition - To gain approval, social status, or fame: In order to do this, she must be well-liked. She's not looking to be famous or be the talk of the town- she needs to be liked and be in good standing with the townspeople and out-of-towners to sap information from them that could be of use. The more people that she can talk to, the better. Also, the more people that like her, the more income that flows in.


  • Accomplishment most proud of: Surviving after the death of her parents and being able to take care of her sister. Not succumbing to the depression and loneliness and stepping up instead
  • Most ashamed about: Almost becoming an alcoholic at the ripe age of 18
  • Fears more than anything: Losing Alice
  • Secrets kept: That she frequently has intercourse with men in town and out of town, her best customer being Will. An agreement is made at the start of any sexual interaction, and it's seemed to work for years, although Henry knows her intentions every time she steps into the hotel, and the men in town can't be quiet forever...
  • Last time they wept: A month or two ago an out-of-towner treated her poorly, leaving her body bruised and battered. She wept silently in the hotel bed as he slept next to her.


  • Friends: Evelyn has many companions in town, but her main friends being Will, Rhoda, and Blind Francis. She makes friends easily as her demeanor is very kind and inviting, as is her smile. They would describe her as friendly, charming, well-kept, beautiful, intelligent, and strong.
  • Romance: Evelyn has never had a real partner, although she finds great comfort in Will and has had the most romantic interactions with him. She is obviously single, but she is looking for a man that will treat her with grace and kindness forever while being able to monetarily provide for her.
  • Role Model: She sees Celia Hooker as a role-model due to her stance on women's rights and her opinion of Cleveland Rogers (which is correct, him being disgusting and a pervert.) Celia isn't afraid to speak her mind, and has a lot of confidence in her role in the town.


Evelyn's memento is a bottle of whiskey her dad was fond of. It's her liquid courage when a man seems frightening but also seems like a good customer, and something to get her through the lows of life. It's also something that reminds her of her dad and his happy drunkenness.  


Deja vu- she has weirdly real and vivid dreams quite frequently, and it seems they occur in real life occasionally. Events or parts of events that she witnesses she feels like she has seen before, making her a bit more prepared for what happens next. This started after her father's death, when it used to be purely nightmares. Those nightmares were sometimes the talk of the town when Evelyn would get into work at the tavern even though she hadn't said anything about them. This gives her a one-time bonus for certain events, making her more prepared for the situation at hand.  


Besides her father's whiskey, she also has a small knife tucked inside her corset in case any situation with a male gets a little too hands on. She's never had to use it and does not want to, but she'll know where to strike if needed.


Evelyn Valentine


Towards Will Wigglesworth


Will Wigglesworth

Best Customer

Towards Evelyn Valentine



Will is Evelyn's best customer. She thinks it has something to do with pity, but he pays well and seems to genuinely care about her. She can count on him if a man is to try anything extremely stupid, and she'll be there to solve his needs.

Evelyn Valentine


Towards Rhoda Pitcher


Rhoda Pitcher


Towards Evelyn Valentine



Evelyn often helps Rhoda set up at the tavern, and can confide in her about her little escapades with the men in town. Rhoda often knows best, and gives advice whenever needed, acting almost like Evelyn's mom.

Evelyn Valentine


Towards Cleveland Rogers


Cleveland Rogers


Towards Evelyn Valentine



Cleveland is a pervert. She's seen him follow her back to her home after a night at the tavern or in the morning after a fling at the hotel. She wants to stay as far away from him as possible.


Physique: 5
Precision: 2
Logic: 4
Empathy: 4


Agility (+ PHY): 3* + 5
Close combat (+ PHY): 1 + 5
Force (+ PHY): 0 + 5
Medicine (+ PRE): 0 + 2
Ranged combat (+ PRE): 0 + 2
Stealth (+ PRE): 1 + 2
Investigation (+ LOG): 0 + 4
Learning (+ LOG): 0 + 4
Vigilance (+ LOG): 2 + 4
Inspiration (+ EMP): 0 + 4
Manipulation (+ EMP): 2 + 4
Observation (+ EMP): 1 + 4


Escape Artist or Hobo Tricks (I don't know if one is better than the other for my character)
Empathetic or Contacts (don't know if you're allowing that)



Resources: Struggling
Memento: Liquor or silver cross on a chain (wasn't sure if this was the equipment that we had to start with or the mementos mentioned that we could roll for)
Advantage: Sometimes her dreams seem to be a little too real


What Are The Big 5 Personality Traits?
High traits are farther to the left whereas low traits are further to the right




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