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All-Father Orin Dominbarn (a.k.a. The Firstborn, God's Child) (He/him)

Orin, All-Father of the Ae'Brimir, and all giants that have been and will be. The wise leader of giant-kind, and widely considered to be the first druid, Orin is a powerful force to be reckoned with, and an unknown friend hiding within your surroundings.  
Personality Trait:
The traveller must train his wits. All is easy at home. He who knows little is a laughing-stock amongst men of the world.
Wherever you know harm, regaurd that harm as your own; and give your foes no peace. ~Odin, Havamal 127
In the darkest hour, when the adversaries come, call on me brother, and we will fight them together.
Sometimes, Even with access to the greatest sources of wisom in the known worlds, I can still be blind to the happenings around me.


In his early years, Orin traveled to the Eastern continent of Muncaelo, now known as the Occidentra Continent, where he found the world tree. Offering its guardian his eye in turn for the right to drink from its springs and saps, and to bind himself to its secrets, Orin would leave becoming one of the wisest beings ever to grace the realms, and leaving his eye to be transformed into a powerful artifact, the Eye of Orin. The eye can be attuned to, replacing the eye of its bearer, and granting them a plethora of divination abilities, along with the ability to locate Orin, so long as he remains on the same plane of existence as you.  

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Orin appears to be an old withering Storm giant, who sits within his throne with a slouched, weakened body. Though it must be recognized, that Orin's true body is now that of the Eternal Storm, and his appearance is but a ghost of his final physical moments.  

Body Features

Other than his poor, constantly resting posture, Orin's body is covered in battle scars from blades, claws, fangs, and breath weapons. To most, he would actually appear as an ugly mess, and many would wonder how he is even alive in his present form.  

Facial Features

Adorned with the face of a wise old man, Orin holds no eye in his right eye socket, and often wears a woven eyepatch, depicting runes and sigils in its design. He also bears a long white beard, done up with braids, and adorned with jewelry and tie-offs, and he houses several scars upon his face, most notably across his nose, and on his forehead above his left eye. He also has quite the bushy eyebrows.  

Identifying Characteristics

Even in disguise, Orin can often be recognized by his often blind or missing right eye, though not all of his disguises bear this flaw, and not all wear an eyepatch. Even if he hides his eyes away, he still will often be accompanied by ravens or white wolves, which can also lead to a being well versed in the ways of Orin to blowing his cover.  

Special abilities

Orin is capable of many feats, including spellcasting up to the 9th level, transforming his size, shape, and appearance, including the use of wild shape, and transforming into the unkillable form of an indefinite storm.  

Apparel & Accessories

In his true form, Orin often adorns himself in battle Garments and dawns a recognizable winged helmet and wolf pelt cape. He also carries with him a magical spear which he uses as his primary weapon in battle.  

Specialized Equipment

Orin bears a magical spear called Gungnir, which is capable of transforming in size along with him and channeling his magical and natural abilities in order to deal massive damage to his opponents.  

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Orin was created by Ymir, god of the Giants, as the first Giant, and Direct son of the Dominus Pantheon, and placed upon the Mortal Realm of Muncaelo, with the worlds around him being his, and his soon to be kins inheritance from their parents. As more giant breeds were created, and offspring were born, the giants of the 0th Era spread across the continents of Muncaelo from the North, eventually making contact with the only other sentient race upon the earth at that time, the Dragons.   This contact would eventually lead to the Grilarstór War a bloody battle between giants and dragons over who would remain to rule over the mortal realms they had inherited from the gods. To better aid his brethren in their battles, a young Orin would seek out the other firstborn of the Giant races, uniting the different subraces of giantkin and forming the Ae'Brimir. Together, and under his tactical leadership, Ordin would lead the giants during the Grilarstór War for its full 1500 year period, until Draco Descended upon the battlefield himself.   Devising a clever strategy to entrap Dracos avatar, and slay the most powerful of the dragons simultaneously, Orin worked with Jord to transform the slain into a powerful artifact, Draco's Folly, in order to grant the giants their much-needed advantage and overcome the stalemate the two races had found themselves in. Unfortunately for Orin, a greedy dervern would betray the Giants, aiding in the escape of the dragon queen, and leading to an extension on the war that would lead to both sides being crippled to the point of societal regression, and allowing the many origin races to take over the realms, leading to the vast civilizations of little folk seen in modern times. For his transgressions, This dervern would be cast from the surface by Orin, cursed with the name Fafnir and becoming the first Deep Dragon.   Following the end of the Grilarstór War, Orin would leave the homeland of the Ae'Brimir, Asguard, to explore the now peaceful, if not untamed lands of Muncaelo, in search of power, knowledge, and wisdom. These exploration and expeditions would continue over the many centuries, with I discovering the World Tree, dubbed Yggdrasil, and its guardian, the beholder Mimir, from which he gained an understanding of Runes and unlocked the secrets of Magic for the early giant cultures, as well as the like of Dorcha, befriending the goddess, and receiving two special and powerful raven familiars as gifts of friendship from her.   Eventually, Orin's life would be threatened, suffering from battle wounds, and he would transcend his body to become the Living Storm that guards Asguard, a Storm giant Quintessent.  


Orin holds no formal education. All knowledge he holds was with self-taught or learned from personal experiences r discoveries, granted to him from the world tree Yggdrasil, or brought to him by his raven familiars; Huginn and Muninn. If Orin desires knowledge, he will seek it out on his own terms, being the teacher, with no proper mentor, but learning from those around him regardless.  


Orin has no form of formal employment, though he is regarded as the true leader of all giantkin, earning the title of All-Father from his kin, and the Ae'Brimir.  

Accomplishments & Achievements

Orin has succeeded in discovering and mastering the properties of rune magic, and mastering the art of the druids. He was also capable of finding, and learning all he could from the great world tree Yggdrasil.   At a later time, after the events of the Grilarstór War, Orin would use his knowledge to create a new type of giant, derived from the Storm Giant line. Infused with the power of runes, these Eldritch Giants were to be the equal of the dragons in terms of powers arcane, Though Orin's inability to control the faction would lead to a sundering between them and the regular storm giants, one that has yet to be repaired to this day.  

Failures & Embarrassments

Orin believes his greatest failure was to not be wise enough, stemming from his inability to lead his kin to truly win the Grilarstór War, and for him to unwillingly allow his own people, the dervern, to betray the giants and cause untold death amidst the giants, leaving but a fraction fo them behind to slowly and inconsistently repopulate.   Additionally, Orin has been incapable of controlling all giants, with the Eldritch Giants roaming freely and in direct opposition to the Storm Giants, and with the firstborn of the Death Giants having to be sealed by him in a prison dimension within Malumtra.  

Personality Characteristics


Orin is driven by the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom and seeks to achieve this through pacts with powerful beings, and an attunement with nature. Having sacrificed his eye to the world tree Yggdrasil, Oein was able to become one of the wisest beings in the Brievary, and would master the art of rune, eventually unlocking magic, and many abilities that would become the staples of druids in millennia to come.  

Virtues & Personality perks

Orin is a wise man, imparting knowledge on those he meets, or seeks his lessons, and is often capable of presenting solutions to people who don't even recognize their own problems.  

Vices & Personality flaws

Despite holding the greatest sources of knowledge in the Brievary, Orin does not seek to challenge that which the fate weavers have laid before him. He sees his path, knows his future, and is complacent in his story, often leading him to act distant within the ways of the world, and refuse to act upon anything unrelated to the events that he knows are to come. His complacency will lead to many troubles, and his eventual downfall at the claws of the wolf, should none stand in the fates way.  



During the 0th Era, Orin was elevated to the position of All-Father by the giants of the time, and regarded as an emperor or king of their great nation, being the pinnacle of their hierarchy. To this day, while many giant kings and leaders have arisen over the years, all who know of Orin's continued presence within the realm of Muncaelo recognize his remaining authority, though he may choose to not use it, and leave his presence to the memories of the past.   Despite his opinions, however, he is still the rightful ruler of the Giants and the leader of the Ae'Brimir.  

Contacts & Relations

Orin is not in contact with many people outside of Asguard, with only a few visitors who make their way to the Island and prove themselves against the guard of the Bifrost even having the right to meet with him. Despite this, Orin is in contact with a few groups or representatives:
  • Aegis Encarmine
  • Rurin Grand Council
  • Valor of Amadan (Morberos)
  • The Crow Prince/ The Unknown Nobility
  • Dorcha, Goddess of the Dead, and Archfey of Shadows

Family Ties

Orin is married to the Forest Giant Progenetor Frigg, and is teh fatehr of the storm giants Thur Orinson, and Baldreth Orinson, amidst many other offspring, including the original Eldritch Giants.  

Religious Views

Orin lives in partial reverence of the Dominus Pantheon, with the fact that they are closer to being his parents than his gods causing slight conflicts with how he worships and interacts with their divinations.  

Hobbies & Pets

Orin has many pets and animal aids, unsurprising considering his attunement to nature and vast wisdom. The most famous of these animal aids are Huginn and Muninn, two gargantuan ravens gifted to him by his friend Dorcha, the Raven Queen, that travel across the realm of Muncaelo, returning to his side to inform him of knowledge and rumors that have gathered along their journeys. Additionally Orin will often be joined by two Winter Wolves, Geri, and Freki, upon his travels through the realm of Muncaelo. All animals are capable of transforming into regular-sized animals.  



Wife (Important)

Towards Orin




Husband (Important)

Towards Frey'Jarinth



Legal Status


H'Vedrung Loki

Blood Brother (Important)

Towards Orin




Blood Brother (Trivial)

Towards H'Vedrung Loki




When Orin decided to seek out the other firstborn of the giants, in an attempt to unify the race in their war against the dragons, he chose to seek out the second-born first; Loki, First of the Cloud Giants.   Loki displayed a wild personality, switching opinions and sides like a leaf blowing in the wind. This made and the chance of allegiance with others both risky and highly unlikely. Because of this, Orin elected to form a blood pact with the giant, treating him as his equal, and forming a bond that would eventually lead to the unification of the giants and the forming of the Ae'Brimir.  

Relationship Reasoning

Because of the blood pact, this bond can never be broken, even when Loki performs an egregious act against Orin and the Ae'Brimir.  



Towards Orin




Towards Vily




Towards Orin




Towards Vey


Divine Classification
Saint of the Giantkin
Chotic Good
Current Status
Guarding Asguard as the eternal storm
Current Location
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Honorary & Occupational Titles
  • All-Father
  • The One Eyed King
  • The Runemaster
  • Disciple of Yggdrasil
  • Asagrim
  • Forni or Ancient One
Currently Held Titles
Proposed to be as old as Muncaelo itself.
Date of Birth
0th Era
Circumstances of Birth
Created by the All-Father of the Dominus Pantheon and placed upon Muncaelo
Frey'Jarinth (Wife)
Vily (Brother)
Vey (Brother)
Current Residence
Lightning blue, with an appropriate glow
Long, white with age, and relatively unkempt
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale purple-gray.
26′8″ or 8.1 m
15,573 lb
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Much nonsense a man utters, who talks without tiring."
Dominus Pantheon (Gods of the Giants)
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Common, Giant, Elven, Dwarven, Draconic, Celestial, Primordial
Ruled Locations
Character Prototype
Orin, is loosely based on the Norse god Odin, sharing many characteristics, and pulling on events and quotes from the Norse texts, though he is to be deemed as a separate character, as in the Brievary Orin is not a wandering god, but an immortal Giant King.

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Character Portrait image: Odin by Adam Fabricius


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