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He who Fathers All

A title bestowed on the overarching power of a species typically applied to an Immortal or God that leads over other immortals or Gods.  


For the Giants, All-Father is seen as an inherited title, belonging only to the firstborn of the giants. If Orin were to die, however, it is believed that the title would either fall to Loki, secondborn of the Giants, or Thor, Secondborn of Orin, and eldest living child of the All-Father.   Within the many panthea of the gods, however, one with the title of All-Father is either the eldest or most powerful god within a pantheon, who rules over the others. Not all pantheons or gods of such position use the title, however, and it's most commonly found within the pantheons of the giants.  


An All-Father must oversee their people, and lead them through war and peace, times of trouble, and times of glory, and assure that their people are not lead astray, and remember the wisdom of their ancestors. An All-Father must lead with conviction and power, and assure that those below them know that they would do everything within their power to assure their peoples prosperity.  


An All-Father must oversee decisions of importance, battles of their people, meetings of their elders, festivities of their cultures, and must adhere to summons and requests of their presence.  


Noone below their authority holds the right to question it, they are the highest power within their society, and any decision they make cannot be questioned lawfully. With this power, however, they must maintain a wise mind so as not to cause the destruction of their organization, and thus their authority.  

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Once one has the title of All-Father, one can only lose it through the loss of their position, within bands of immortals, this would only happen if the said leader were to somehow die, or disappear permanently, to never return. Even at this point, an All-Father would maintain their title, but a new All-Father would also be selected. Within a pantheon, however, the title of All-Father would be dismissed if another god were to take leadership of the pantheon, becoming its new All-Father.  

Cultural Significance

Most cultures outside the Giants view the title of All-Father as a means of defining the emperor or king of all Giants, unaware of the historical significance of the title, or its relation to the giant gods. Old human and dwarven cultures also held the titles at one time, though through eons, such practices have become forgotten, except for a few northern tribes who still utilize the practice to this day.  
Religious, Political
For the races that still utilize the title, it is still in effect.
This title was created during the 0th Era, by the giants who followed Odin, and their parents the Gods.
Form of Address
Alternative Naming
Equates to
The title of All-Father can be comparable to the position of a king within a kingdom, an emperor, within an empire, a president or prime minister within a political body, or any other type of overarching leader. The position, however, is seen as the one over all, with the most well-known All-Father being Orin of the Ae'Brimir, the firstborn Storm Giant, and de facto ruler of all the giants that were and are to come.
Source of Authority
Deities, or Self Proclaimed Authority
Length of Term
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