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Wind (/ɖɪʣ/)


Wind is one of the more eccentric of the Snow Warrior's pups. Capable of independent flight but very bad at controlling it, Wind is known to race around and through both the Frozen Wastes and the basin of the Ice Flats, screaming all the while either in sheer delight or in panic and confusion. The fun of it all seems to keep Wind encouraged enough to keep at it.   (Wind the Snow Pup seems to operate somewhat independently of wind as the Snow Warrior's voice, but this is hard to determine from the corpus of Stenza legends and folklore, so it's possible that this part of the mythos is in a virtually constant state of flux.)

Divine Domains

Wind embodies all movements of the atmosphere and is a central figure in the day to day activities of the Snow Pups, fueling Fire, forming clouds with Mist and being a core part of the storms caused by Snow and Ice. Concurrent with this is the idea and motif in Stenza lore of the wind as the Snow Warrior's voice, which calls the independence of the entity into question entirely (curiously, no linguistic or contextual distinction is made when discussing the wind in either capacity).   There is a custom among the Stenza to cheer, congratulate, or hail particular gusts of wind. Which gusts seems to vary and the system is quite dense to outsiders (see: the Stenza's keen hearing), leading to an overall appearance of randomness to the practice.
Divine Classification
nature spirit
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