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Snow comes in many shapes and sizes on Mudewei, ranging from the soft, wet snow of the southern subpolar regions to the dry, dusty snow farther north, and from small flakes to great clumps or, in some places, ice pellets or hail. Snow may be accompanied by thunder, a phenomenon which is surprisingly conducive to Stenza sleep.   Snow the natural force is governed by Snow the Snow Pup.


The Stenza categorize snow into wet snow (gensuⱱôdz), which is commonly found further south and on some other planets, dry snow (ⱱôdzlis), which is commonly found further north and on additional other planets, and ice or hail (fòrú), although ice specifically is governed by Ice.   Wet snow is generally warmer and falls in larger flakes, piling onto the ground and eventually melting into springs and rivers in the forests. It also falls farther north in the summer, where it is the main component of the gradual buildup of arctic ice. If the year is especially wet but the weather especially mild, this may occur in winter.   Dry snow is colder and smaller, falling sometimes as flakes smaller than a millimeter across. It has a characteristic "dusty" appearance and is more common in the winter months, especially in dry years. It is prone to being blown about by the wind, and is ideal for various recreational activities like sliding about in the snow and racing each other down hills, using various objects as sleds.   Ice, when it falls from the sky, is the hallmark of a brutally cold, wet storm, frequently of the type forcing Stenza to sequester inside the Clan Residential building and ride it out. The largest recorded such ice chunk ever found measured almost thirty centimeters across, larger than the head of the person who found it.
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