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A pod (in military usage, a "gunner pod", unrelated to a Drop Pod) is a small vessel which supports, for short periods of time, one person or a very small crew (up to three individuals). It is designed to be maneuverable in both atmospheric and vacuum conditions, and so has a delta shape with wings and a flattened body. The cockpit is enclosed and sealed, maintaining atmospheric conditions for the occupant(s). It also contains specialized energy vents which funnel off some inertial and g-forces to allow faster movement and increased maneuverability.   In military use, pods see a lot of action in interstellar space, and are commonly armed with light cannons (hence the term "gunner pod"). Shielding is enhanced to protect from enemy fire as well as interstellar dust.   In civilian use, pods are commonly racing vehicles, and used in games of nerve such as "chicken". These vehicles are unarmed so as to minimize needless death and suffering. Pods also see use as exploratory vessels probing beyond the Ice Flats and into the mountains beyond. However, there remains a northernmost point through which pods cannot pass without serious risk of damage, and so a lot of information is still obtained via satellites.
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