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Pentho (she/her)

Pentho is a Greater Pass Stenza historical figure and folk hero, whose origin story as such is recounted in various retellings of Pentho and the Warrior, about her encounter with the Snow Warrior during a historical period known as "The Lean Years", a time of intense inter-clan conflict.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Pentho came of age during a period known as "The Lean Years", where smaller herds of prey animals led to starvation among the Stenza in an age before food preservation was available and reliable. In Pentho and the Warrior she is described as having just begun formal training as a religious expert shortly thereafter, although already shows familiarity with the lore of the area. The legend follows Pentho shortly after an attack on herself and her mentor in the mysteries, until she recovered from her injuries and returned to her village. Many versions of the story hold that Pentho was the first person to observe that the Snow Warrior had five pupils in one eye and seven in the other, although archaeological evidence indicating this idea predates her life.   This early experience has had profound effects on Pentho's life, allegedly providing her with special protection and insights (and in some tellings linking her directly to the process of death in peculiar ways divorced from Iradae and Lan'tha). For most of her adult life she acted as mediator between her mortal Stenza brethren and the Snow Warrior, and is widely agreed to have first codified the practices still in use by the Greater Pass Stenza in particular.   Pentho is, like the Stenza before and after her, interred in the Caves of the Dead. Tales of her deeds and wisdom are incredibly popular in the area, and many clans claim her as one of their own.
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6 Dec, 2022 21:59

Ooo, I love that there's different versions of her story, and also some that contradict with archaeological evidence. Got to love myth and history. :D

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
15 Dec, 2022 07:27

The conflict between oral tradition and actual historical fact is one of my favorite things to dick around with when building this society. I think it helps things feel lived-in.