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Ilin's Stand


The most famous geological feature of Ilin's Stand is its black sand beaches, said to resemble a star-filled sky, and the red waves which lap upon them. The reddish color of the water can stretch out up to a mile from shore and is visible from orbit. The spectacular display is caused by iron oxides in the soil, but the fact that the planet is private property has protected the beaches from hypertourism and exploitation for pigments.   These beaches abound in the temperate regions of the planet, which is also known for its forests. Every fall, deciduous trees across the planet turn a host of hues: red, yellow, gold, orange, and occasionally purple. Some trees hang on to their green color far longer than their fellows, as well. Ilin himself charges a premium to wealthy imperial residents to allow them to fly at low altitudes over the landscape to take in the views every year. This is one of his few legitimate business practices.


Despite being highly coveted as a tourist attraction, Ilin strictly controls who has access to the planet and in what capacity. He charges high prices to allow Pods and other small craft to fly over the forests once a year, and currently refuses to allow landings. It is rumored that he considers the planet his "ecological pet project", and is considered one of his great philanthropic efforts.
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