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The Banished

People that forgot where they come from, that neglected prayers and stopped respecting Nélandra's values are banished.

They are no longer our brothers
They are no longer connected to Nélandra
They are no longer allowed on our homelands
They are no longer welcomed in Common Houses
They are no longer valued by any mean
They are no longer subject to our laws
They will no longer find peace after death
— Menicean laws: The Banished
To Gérouns, Ménicéa and Nélandra are everything. There are strict rules about leaving the continent, that can lead to severe retribution if not respected. "Revoked" is the term used to qualify Gérouns that left the continent without authorization or overpassed their allowed time outside. This status can be purged by paying or becoming a Common Worker for a time proportional to the gravity of the crime.   Banished, however, are now considered to be a whole ethnicity of gérouns that live outside Ménicéa. Unlike Revoked, who still value Nélandra and her learnings, Banished entirely rejected their past culture. They live in small groups all over the world and adopt the local lifestyle over their own.   These people are entirely denied of any right they previously had on Menicea. Their names and descendants are registered, and they can't return to the continent even by becoming Common Workers. Legal Géroun travelers will also avoid them when going to places known to house banished.   Many fights occurred in the past when outlaws came talking to travelers. They tried to convince them that the Menicean government was restricting their liberty and most likely hiding lots of things from them. Banished often talk about magic, that Gérouns can't use at all. They say that foreign magicians studied their bodies, and discovered a stiff resistance to magic that seemed artificial. These same magicians also told them that Kelyeran Asturac is probably a very powerful mage that hides his powers origin to people.   Lots of these banished were then assassinated by other Gérouns that couldn't be captured.


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