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Morknar Whitening

My mentor started having white feathers a few weeks ago... shortly, the memory loss followed. We are going back to Grishnak to have the transfer ritual at the Cathedral . While it's an honor for me to inherit my mentor's runes, I am devastated that we won't get to work together anymore...
  Whitening is something High Morknars fear like the plague, but that most of them will go through. It's often considered as the signal to pass on their work to their successors at the Nightgrasp Cathedral.  


The Whitening is a condition that affects all Morknars arriving at a very old age, but that have additional effects on mages.   The disease whitens the usually dark feathers of Morknars; some of them start to turn grey, then white, and it spreads to the rest of their bodies. While this itself is completely harmless to anyone, it often comes with a slight numbing of the mind, ranging from a light loss of mental resources to some memory loss.   Among High-Morknars, the Whitening is viewed as a natural sign to start thinking of a successor to their runic library. A loss of memory means a less accurate mental image of spells, which can result in runes not working anymore. This is a difficult decision to take for High Morknars as they really love their researches. Still, by doing so, they make sure that their work wasn't vain and will keep living after they're gone.  
The ritual is one. I don't remember my formulas and my runes anymore... everything is now in the smart mind of my apprentice, Kaystak. Don't get me wrong, I will keep on doing my researches until my last breath, this is just another challenge in my life. I just need to learn back every spell I used to work with for years.
Chronic, Acquired
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