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Fulgen houses

"Smaller than my closet"

This may not be much, but this is my home.
Fulgen's underground houses were designed to be easily heated and comfortable.  


Houses are always built next to a fireplace. As it is too complicated for the builders to dig another chimney to the surface for each house, they instead gathered them around one, large brasier.   The fire heats the room where it is, but also a few iron pipes that go into each house to heat them up as well. For the pipes' heat to be enough, houses are intentionally small. Rooms are generally separated by thin wood walls or only cloth.   The outer walls are thick, covered with hides, or anything that can keep the warmth in. Houses have no kitchen or at least no fireplace as air evacuation is a problem in caves. People cook around their shared fire and either eat with their neighbors or bring their food home.  


Fulgen houses are very cheap as space is not lacking in the caves. Every newcomer wishing to settle in the city will be given one for free, that they can pay back slowly as they work.   If a new house needs to be built, the newcomer will either sleep at the inn or at the local Commonhouse. Whenever someone passes away or move out of Fulgen, their house is renovated and kept maintained for any newcomer that would need one, as building a pipe to the fireplace is expensive and complicated.
Parent Location
I am a fierce participant in the annual indoor decoration contest. We try to make the most out of the small space we have. I bought a Dlintiarna hide from a merchant at Dolon, and decorated my Wishholder with some "invaluable" gems I got at the mines. I am now waiting for the final touch: a carpet from Sylvan-Haven. There's no doubt I'll win this year's.
Settlement | Jul 11, 2019

The Frozen Plains' capital, a small troglodyte city lost in the far north of Ménicéa.


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