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Priest of Dah

A priest of dah is anyone working for the Faith of Dah as a religious worker. Priests of dah usually work in one of the fifteen branches of the Faith. Each representing a single god.    


Mesantia is a country on the west coast of Mithra. It stands apart from most other human kingdoms, through the fact that it doesn't worship the faith of Dah. In fact, they are so against the faith that they have actually outlawed the worship of Dah in Mesantia recently. Priests were murdered or kicked out and the religious police cracked down hard on any Dah worshippers. This has put a crack in the relations between the Republic , where the faith holds the most power, and Mesantia.


A priest of dah can have many different duties. If you are in the orate you will have the responsibility to relay the will of your god to the world. But if you are just an ordinary pilgrim, your job is to convert. Convert people to the faith of dah, using any means necessary. This sounds more aery than it really is though. Usually they will go to countries like Mesantia or countries where they worship The One Lord like Zastor and try to set up shrines or set up clergy's. It's not an easy job, considering the Faith of Dah is undermined a lot by The One Lord.

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