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The Oniver is fast, strong, and maybe the most dangerous predator in all of Mithra. Hunted near to extinction in the Hearthlands, this apex predator lives mostly in the north and the south and is feared by both. Born of the discrepancy, this animal is well known by most hunters.  

Southern Oniver

The southern Oniver lives in the warm climates of the south. There are multiple species, but most people refer to all of them as Onivers. They are fast catlike predators with faces that resemble something entirely different. People have described them as a mix between a bird, a dog, a cat, and a person. This is not very scientific, but quite accurate. It's not chimera like, having distinct features of each species, but its face is more like a melting pot of all the above-mentioned lifeforms. It hunts by using its strong and long claws, and sharp and powerful jaws. The fact that it regularly climbs is the cherry on top of this murder machine. Even Ell'fykian hunters do not take this animal lightly. Killing one is considered a great honor there.  

Northern Oniver

Unlike its southern brethren, this Oniver species has a thick coat that keeps it warm in the harsh climate of the north. Its lack of large trees makes them utilize more of the ground as hunting area, but they can still be found in the treetops. They are considered highly dangerous by the dominion, who leaves them mostly alone and has put a ban on hunting them. Only when the species comes too close to a civilized area, do they send hunters at it. Usually either hiring Wood-Malen hunters, or suffering catastrophic losses. The Oniver is usually not seen as a symbol of honor and strength, but more of a symbol of treachery and vengefulness. This is why it's almost never used in sigils and logos.

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