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Lakaath is a city located on the northern highlands in The Hearthland Republic. It is one of the most important and largest cities in the Republic and is well known for its trading capacity. The city was first constructed in the early first age by the Hearth-Malen but was almost completely destroyed a few millennia later. It was rebuild shortly before the second era, giving way for a new city that is still in use to this day.    


The city is built in the northern part of the highlands, next to a large river. The cities main compound, a large palace that stands at the edge of the water, is the first thing you'll notice when you lay eyes upon the city. It is a beautiful palace with spires that was built by the Hearth-Malen and is still in incredible shape. Other items of past Hearth-Malen glory remain, but most are damaged. A lot of houses and statues are still standing. But most houses have been rebuild over the years. Hearth-Malen were masters of building, and that shows in this city, where a cavern was held up while a city was built atop it. Underneath the city, a large cavern, known as the "underworld of Lakaath", is home to a variety of slums and criminal circuits. The city on itself has been struggling with crime and guards almost never patrol the underworld. Only going there for specific business. The senate has been smacking down on the city for being way too lenient and unresponsive and therefore encouraging the growing criminality in the city. The city responds to this by saying they don't have the recourses to deal with the slums.

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