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Kneister is a type of mushroom found in Zastor, Parkonostia, and Jilsker, that is used as a recreative drug.    


The shroom is found in dense cold woodland, growing mostly during the autumn and late summer. In truffle form, they have a pinkish look, while they grow out into a red-capped mushroom with a glazy look and a white stem.  


Unlike the grown mushroom, the truffle has no effect at all. Even the mushroom needs careful preparation before it can be consumed. The mushroom is slightly poisonous so it will give you a bad stomach ache and probably put you on the shitter for days after you eat it raw. To unlock the true potential, the mushroom gets soaked, after which it gets pressed until all of the liquid has been extracted. From there the liquid is boiled on light heat until the water is gone and only a treacly amber substance remains. This can be smoked through a waterpipe or can be further refined into an incredibly potent dark brown powder that can be snorted.   Unlike most mushroom drugs, this one is not a psychedelic. Instead, it's a powerful, highly physically addictive stimulant that releases dopamine, enhances senses and makes a person more active and energetic. Taking the drug will rid you of fatigue and make you want to move. Often you will overuse your body. For example grinding of the jaw, excessive blinking, moving fingers in weird patterns, or overusing your tongue while speaking. Furthermore, the eyes will start to turn red as the blood veins pop with overuse, and your body will generate a lot of heat. This last effect is probably why it is so popular in the cold parts of Mithra. It isn't even that bad for you physically if you can keep it under control. But the strong addictiveness and bad withdrawal effects can make it quickly take over your life. That, together with the fact that I personally don't like the feeling that much (especially the addictiveness, just taking it once will already make you feel like you want to take more instantly after taking it,) makes me rate this drug a 3/10 on the Archivist grand drug scale. Not recommended.

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