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The sea lords of Jilsker have been masters of the sea for millennia.                     Short history of government: During the Empire, they were a proud people that never truly got annexed. The empire got close a few times, but the Jilsker fought them off. However, they were barely more than a collection of tribes with a common language and culture.   At the fall of the empire, the Jilsker played a significant part in the weakening of empire forces. Their guerilla war tactics where they made quick raids with their ships before fleeing off into the ocean. Earning the nickname sea daemons. They united under a king, and this is where they developed the start of their strong naval culture.   After this, during the golden age, the kingdom got rearranged into a more feudal system, where the different lords (Thradar) of all the different islands served a single high king. This king was chosen upon death of the last one, by all the different Thradar. However, there would be power struggles where the islands would be split up into multiple different kingdoms.   After the golden age the high king concept faded and it became more of a power struggle between different smaller lords (Thraesir). They didn't fight too much among themselves though. Mostly focussing their effort into raiding Zastor, The Dominion, and sometimes even going as far south as Listinia or the hearthlands.
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