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Hat Bringer of the One

Hat Bringer of the one, is a prophet that lived during the late third era. Born in Zastor, Hat brought a new religion into the world and changed many lives. Some consider him a savior, some a heretic.    

The saviour

To many, Hat is considered a saviour. Especially in Zastor and Parkonostia where the faith is the most common. Even after all these years, the one is only officially worshipped in Zastor where it is the official religion. Hat brought this religion forward, even though some would argue the king of zastor was the one responsible for its final uprising.   When Hat was twenty years old, he supposedly had a dream. Dah visited him in this dream, telling him that he had to make a change in the world. The Orate, which had already power in the hearthlands, was corrupt and wasn't serving the true god. One which had manifested itself in many forms, but had always revealed himself to be one and true god. The one, or so Hat called it, made him write two books. One on the inception of the universe and all the mythology behind it, and one on the religion itself. The two books became his lifework for the next ten years. When he was thirty, he finally finished them. Proud of his accomplishment, he started preaching.   He acquired quite a following in Zastor but was arrested on false grounds. Some claim it was a fake murder, some claim it was a newly made law. Most agree that the king of Zastor was afraid of what might happen if he left Hat unchecked. Hat got killed after a short one-sided trial. He served as a martyr after that. And in 2495 3E, the fire of Aedi happened. Every Aedo in Zastor was burned to the ground and a new, more democratic regime was installed in Zastor. The one became their official god, and their lives would be forever changed.
The many are the voice of god. The few are the injustice that plagued our history for thousands of years. Dah spoke to me in my dreams and told me of the injustice that is the Orate. The gods of the faith, the gods of the malen, all of them are just different representations of the same. The one who watches over us.
— Hat Bringer of the One
Date of Birth
2381 3E


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